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Top 10 benefits
of using Ozeki Webphone Gateway

Ozeki Webphone Gateway is a powerful website add-on that makes it possible to multiply incoming calls. This also enables your staff to serve the customers' need at a much higher level resulting more satisfied clients, higher ROI and reliable brand image. The Webphone Technology provides you numerous advantages in all fields of business life - check out the most important 10 benefits.

  1. Increase the number of calls you receive

    It is proven that all the free call-to-action opportunities increase the willingness of the existing and potential customers to interact with your company. By offering them a free option to call your experts, you will be able to reduce the prospects' hesitancy or increase the number of long distance calls as well.

  2. Reduce the web dropout rate

    The most important objective of a website is to convert the visitors into customers. If the website visitors can contact you immediately and free of charge, they can get closer to purchase by getting promt aswers for their questions. This service significantly facilitates the conversion.

  3. Convert website visitors more efficiently

    The longer the visitors browse your website, the more you benefit from your web presence. In order to keep them on your site, you should provide them all information they need. After a free webphone call, the information gathering immediately rise to a higher level, that increases the chance to buy.

  4. Increase your ROI

    The more the prospects are interested in your business, the more you gain. A click-to-call webphone can increase the number of incoming calls by up to 30-40%. It linerly increases the number of purchases by approximately 20-30% and simultaneously the ROI as well.

  5. Make your CRM system more effective

    Nowadays, almost all companies are putting customers at the center of their business. If you make them possible to contact you in a free and innovative way, you can improve your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to serve your customers as fast and customer-friendly as possible.

  1. Improve your brand image

    If you are committed to serve your clients at the highest possible level, you can build a positive image in your customers' mind. By providing them free and innovative services, you can easily consolidate their trust and loyalty - that will lead to the emergence of the preferred brand image.

  2. Reduce corporate expenses

    Adding Ozeki Webphone Gateway to your website is a one-time investment. There are no monthly fees and any additional charges. By cutting telephone expenses, you can immediately reduce the variable costs. It makes your whole communication system more cost-effective.

  3. Avoid long distance phone charges

    Ozeki Webphone Gateway lets you keep in touch with your partners all over the World without long distance telephone charges. Due to the Internet-based VoIP webphone technology, the only cost you should pay is the VoIP service fee specified by your VoIP Service Provider.

  4. Extend your business around the World

    Establishing long distance phone calls free of charge provides an outstanding opportunity to transact businesses with foreign companies. It allows you to develop your market effectively and - therefore - increase revenues from direct sales and partnership programs.

  5. Ensure security for your partners

    Many online buyers still do not feel safe when entering their contact details on the web. For making free calls, your website visitors only need to allow your webserver to access their camera and microphone (simple Flash Player settings). Giving any other data is not required.

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  • More calls
    By offering a free option for your website
    visitors to call your company, you can
    increase the number of incoming calls
    by up to 30-40%.
  • More sales
    More telephone inquiries lead to more purchases. A webphone can be used to convert more website visitors into buyers and cutting transaction time.
  • Better support
    By providing a user-friendly, free and innovative way for your partners to contact you, you can gain their trust and build a preferred brand/corporate image.
  • Faster access
    Ozeki Webphone Gateway will cut the time it takes for customers to reach you. Shortening the sales procedure will bring measurable success.