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Phone book

For efficient contact handling Ozeki Phone System XE offers an excellent built-in phone book. In order to ensure up-to-date contact information, the telephone book can be automatically synchronized to all of the connected devices of the telephone system.

The built-in phone book of Ozeki Phone System XE guarantees the follows (Figure 1):

Figure 1 - The features of the Ozeki Phone System XE phone book


Speed up everyday work and forget about looking for numbers in a printed catalogue or a computer database. It is better to use a list, which is at hand when it comes to making phone calls. To overcome this issue Ozeki Phone System XE provides an easy-to-use and transparent built-in phone book.

Advantages of the built-in phone book

The built-in phone book of Ozeki Phone System XE guarantees that you can reach every contact and extension of the PBX within seconds. This built-in phone book can be accessed and synchronized on all of the registered devices.

The phone book can be integrated into the ERP system using APIs. Due to this integration, the contact list of the phone book will be automatically updated on all of the registered devices of the PBX.

In order to make calls, it is enough to search the telephone book and select the name of the person to be called. Then the system will automatically dial the telephone number or extension assigned to the intended person.

The phone book has been extended with employee phone book function. In the employee phone book the employee data is grouped according to the different offices (name, status, phone number, the office where the employee works). Employees can see their own office name on the top of the list. The function instantly provides information about the availabilities of employees belonging to the same office.

The phone book also ensures call group functionality. It means that you can create groups of contacts that are in relation. Then you can configure various rules for the call group in the telephone system. For example, if there is an incoming call arriving to one of the extension of the group, then this call can be forwarded to all the other extensions of the group at the same time. In case of the group member answers the call, the other devices stop ringing.

In order to make corporate communication more efficient, Ozeki Phone System XE groups calls that are in progress or ended in a call list. This call list provides information about the most important parameters of calls: call ID, call status (in progress, finished), caller, callee, time of the call, duration of ringing, duration of the call, events occurred during the call (busy signal, hang up, etc.). In case the called person is included in the built-in phone book, his name will appear in the call list. Otherwise, only the telephone number appears in the call list. This telephone number then can be easily added to the phone book with a few clicks.

Keep in mind

The built-in phone book of Ozeki Phone System XE dramatically speeds up the contact with co-workers and partners. It takes only a few seconds to search for the intended person in the phone book. Once you find the name, the system automatically dials the extension or telephone number. All users are able to access the phone book from the registered devices. In case any change takes place the contact information in the phone book is automatically updated due to the continuous synchronization with the ERP system.

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