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Standard SIP Clients

You can get to know from this description what a SIP client is, and how can it be used in building up an Internet-based communication system.

Any device that is capable of the standard SIP communication can be connected to the Ozeki Phone System XE. In order to connect these devices, you will need to create a so-called SIP client: this is the device (computer, telephone, mobile device, etc.) that you intend to use for communication. This device must be converted to a Sip client to be able to communicate via server.

Figure 1 - Standard SIP Clients

What Is a SIP? What Is the SIP communication?

The SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a protocol that is used for building up and tearing down real-time multimedia sessions. With the help of the connection built up by the SIP, users can send and receive instant messages - even with more than one participant (chat, chat conference) -, can make audio and video calls or audio- and video conferences.

The SIP protocol and SIP communication have role in the building up of the Internet-based communication systems': using the SIP protocol and VoIP protocol together can make it possible to create communicaton channels that are capable to connect two or more points anywhere in the world without passing through the networks of numerous service providers.

Good quality is guaranteed with this solution and since SIP supports the multimedia communication, further services are available.

SIP Phones

SIP phones (also called VoIP phones) are the same as any, non-SIP phones, but they (also) use the SIP communication feature and they can also be computers equipped properly. If they are physically capable of SIP phoning, with the installation of a software and/or a simple configuration any of the devices can be converted into a SIP device.

The Creation of a SIP Account

In order to convert your computer or your device into a SIP device, you will have to create a SIP account in an IP PBX (the server of a service provider working through the Internet). This process of creation is practically the same as the creation of an e-mail account (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.): the SIP account in the PBX corresponds to the e-mail account in the server of the e-mail service provider.

Figure 2 - Add new SIP device extension

The SIP account can be created by registration. This can be done this like this:

Figure 3 - Standard SIP Clients

Now your SIP account is created in the Ozeki server!

You only have tod know is to give the same data to the SIP device and the IP address of the phone center. With this confifuration, your device became a SIP client, and SIP phoning became available.

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