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How to define incoming call routing rules in your PBX

Ozeki Phone System XE offers professional technology for managing incoming calls efficiently. Availability is one of the most important factor for a company, this way, it is critical to ensure that customers or business partners can reach you anytime. The ideal solution for this purpose is a first-rate communication system based on Ozeki Phone System XE.

As Figure 1 demonstrates, Ozeki Phone System XE handles incoming calls efficiently. When there is an incoming call, the PBX simply forwards the call to the dialed extension. As an advanced setting, you can also specify call routing rules that will define the extensions an incoming call needs to be forwarded to. By creating a ring group it is possible to ring more than one extension and when one of the devices accepts the incoming call, other stops ringing.

Figure 1 - Ozeki Phone System XE handles incoming calls

In order to keep up with competitors, organizations need to ensure reliable availability (often 24/7). Continuous availability requires a modern and powerful telephone system that is able to meet requirements of customers, partners and employees; while it needs to be able to take over the basic tasks from operators to enhance work flow. It means that the corporate PBX needs to ensure a very efficient incoming call management with effective call routing rules that allows automated call management.

Each employee needs an extension registered into the PBX then incoming calls can be directly forwarded to the extension of the intended person. Advanced PBXs like Ozeki Phone System XE allows to register analog phones, cell phones, IP phones, softphones, webphones, etc. into the telephone system in order to ensure an extremely efficient communication system with outstanding services.

Once you setup your corporate telephone system and you already connected all of the extensions, you are ready to synchronize the registered extensions: with the help of Ozeki Phone System XE, this procedure takes only a few seconds. You can easily specify tasks to be executed by different extensions in specific cases.

Configuration options

You can configure Ozeki Phone System XE to execute various tasks based on corporate requirements in case there is an incoming call:


In order to apply the above listed features in the PBX server, all you need to do is to select the wished options in the respective menu items of the graphical user interface and specify the extension number for the given functionality. This procedure takes only a few minutes per extension or ring group even in case of large organizations.

Once you finished the configuration process, you gain a reliable, advanced and ready-to-use corporate communication system based on Ozeki Phone System XE.

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