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Outgoing Calls

Ozeki Phone System XE makes it possible to define outbound call routing rules efficiently. This article elaborates on outgoing calls that are made though Ozeki Phone System XE server: what kind of calls can be made, how these calls go through to the called party, and what configurations can be used for making this progress more effective. With the help of Ozeki Phone System XE, it is possible to define more outbound rules to help you to handle various situations.

With your Ozeki Phone System XE, making troublefree outgoing call can be done easily: any of your extensions can make outgoing calls to anywhere in the world. (Figure 1)

Figure 1 – The route of the call initiated from a corporate extension

Ozeki Phone System XE helps you to control outgoing calls. With these features you can easily create statistics and exact accountings to measure efficiency by limitating your outgoing calls.

Outgoing calls

When an employee initiates a call from one of the corporate telephone devices (from a phone, a computer or even a mobile device), the employee can call both an internal extension and an external telephone number. Accordingly, it is recommended to make a distinction between internal and external calls and to make separate call routing rules for them during configuration. Separation is useful because internal calls are free of charge so if it is possible the PBX can select an internal extension to reach the intended person according to the call routing rule.

Internal calls

Ozeki Phone System XE allows to specify additional direct telephone numbers (e.g. mobile number) to the internal extensions of employees. For handling these additional phone numbers, it is recommended to configure the telephone system to primarily use the internal extensions of employees for contacting instead of using direct telephone numbers. Since these direct telephone numbers can be reached though the line of a service provider, these calls will be charged. As opposed to them, internal calls are made only via the server so they are completely free.

You can easily configure Ozeki Phone System XE to use internal extensions of employees primarily for making calls within a few seconds. For this purpose, you only need to restrict outgoing calls to direct telephone numbers in the menu of the PBX.

For further information, please visit internal calls page.

Outgoing call routes

When an employee initiates a phone call from a corporate phone extension to a foreign country, the call will go through the following route: first, it goes through the corporate server, then the network of a service provider and arrives to the Internet. Through the Internet, it arrives to the server of the Ozeki Phone System XE that forwards the call to its destination. Using the Internet, Ozeki Phone System XE is able to connect to any of the PSTN networks worldwide; and the call will arrive to the called party through the PSTN network.

Accordingly, the server of Ozeki Phone System XE connects to the PSTN network, which the dialed number belongs to.

These calls are charged according to local tariffs that results in same costs as if the call would have been made from the neighborhood.

How to configure outgoing calls

Ozeki Phone System XE offers numbers of solutions for handling outgoing calls efficiently. For this purpose, all you need to do is to add extensions and/or ring groups to the given lists in the menu of graphical user interface.

You can easily define which extensions will be included in the list according to your needs. This configuration step takes only a few seconds per item.

Advantages of configuring outgoing call routes

A well-configured telephone system makes the workflow easier and more efficient: you can control calls, ask for cost accounting, restrict the calls and also create call recordings. Let's see some of the options and their use:

Outgoing calls with Ozeki Phone System XE

Ozeki Phone System XE provides professional support for making outgoing calls worldwide from all of the corporate extensions. Due to its flexibility, the PBX offers remarkable options for configuring outbound call routes. This way, you can ensure a cost-effective, reliable and high quality telephone system for all employees.

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