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Ozeki Phone System XE can be managed with specially parameterized HTTP requests and responses. HTTP API allows you among others the complete management of incoming and outgoing calls, handling SIP extensions, DTMF signals, SMS functionality and creating statistics. The following summary presents the concept of HTTP API and provides an overview on the wide range of its possibilities.

Introduction to HTTP API

Ozeki Phone System XE can be controlled through various programming interfaces. Developers can extend and customize the PBX with the following APIs: C# API, SQL API, HTTP API and command line API.

HTTP API is designed to increase the efficiency of developers’ work. Ozeki Phone System XE has a built-in webserver, which managed by appropriately parameterised HTTP GET and POST commands, all the functions of Ozeki PBX becomes available.

Figure 1 - The work of the Ozeki Phone System XE through HTTP API

Processing an incoming call or message immediately, it is recommended to configure HTTP client. This HTTP client will send the incoming calls and messages as HTTP GET or HTTP POST request to the web application.

Possibilities offered by HTTP API

  1. Complete call management

  2. Sending and receiving SMS messages
  3. Ozeki Phone System XE offers oustanding SMS services. SMS functionality works 24 hours a day without stoppage. Transmitting up to 500 SMS messages per second is also possible. Mobile messages can be sent from various interfaces (e-mail client, MS Excel, etc.), thus many segments of business can be supported efficiently.

    The HTTP instruction set of the PBX contains HTTP requests in relation to all events of SMS sending and receiving. With HTTP API, SMS messages can be sent and received directly from the PBX. For detailed information on SMS service related HTTP requests, please visit this webpage >>>

  4. Handling call statistics
  5. Through call logging, Ozeki Phone System XE keeps a log of every call, which includes the major parameters of SIP communication. It holds particularly important source of information for marketing, sales and many other departments. Statistics and reports can be created from the data of the calls (rate and duration of the calls, the contents of the conversation, etc.). They can help to draw conclusions on the customer service’s quality, visitors’ path (in case of web calls), most common problems, etc.

In Ozeki Phone System XE, call logging function is also available through HTTP commands. For more information on how this service can be managed with HTTP commands, please follow this link >>>

In case you are interested in how you can use HTTP API, make sure to visit the sites listed below:

HTTP request samples
HTTP reference manual
Call back request
How to control interactive menu system from PHP

Briefly on the topic

Ozeki Phone System XE provides HTTP API programming interface to accelerate the work of developers. HTTP API instruction set supports effectively all segments of corporate communication. In addition to the complete management of phone calls, SMS service can also be controlled entirely using HTTP commands. In order to make statistical reports, it is critical to make call logging available by the appropriate use of HTTP API.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@ozekiphone.com

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