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How to setup an SMS service

Ozeki Phone System XE efficiently supports external connections in order to setup an advanced telephone system. For ensuring the best availability for your organization, setting up an SMS service is the best solution. This article explores how you can connect Ozeki Phone System XE to the mobile network and you will find help for selecting the suitable connection type, as well.

When configuring your Ozeki Phone System XE, it is important to choose an SMS Center that provides standard SMS protocol. (Figure1) There are three standard SMS protocols: SMPP, UCP and CIMD2. These protocols have been designed to ensure SMS communication in asynchronous way.

Figure 1 - SMS Center in your Ozeki Phone System XE network

Ozeki Phone System XE provides professional support for introducing SMS functionality in your communication system. When you decide to setup an SMS service, first, you need to decide how to connect your system to the mobile network. There are two connection types for this purpose: GSM modem connection and IP SMS connection.

In order to select the most suitable connection type for your system, you need to consider the numbers of SMS messages you wish to send and receive. In case, you wish to send/receive SMS messages up to 12000/day, then GSM modem connection can be the perfect choice for you. You can find more details about the connection types below.

GSM modem / GSM phone connection for SMS messaging

You can setup GSM modem connection to the mobile network easily and quickly. This wireless connection requires a GSM modem or a GSM phone that can be attached to the PC with a phone-to-PC data cable. In this case, Ozeki Phone System XE will send/receive SMS messages via this GSM device.

GSM modem connection requires the follows:

Once you have all the necessary prerequisites for this connection, you just need to place the SIM card into the GSM device. Then connect the GSM modem to the PC via its serial port. In case your PC does not have a serial port, you can use a USB cable or USB RS232 (serial port) converter.

GSM modem vs GSM phone

For setting up a wireless connection to the mobile network in order to send SMS messages, it is recommended to use a GSM modem instead of a standard GSM phone. Standard GSM phones can handle only just a few numbers of SMS messages, so probably they cannot be used for handling the number of SMSs an organization would need. Their battery can also damaged after a time and their softwares are not stable enough for handling a higher volume SMS sending and receiving. The standard phone devices can be used for sending SMS without any problem. However, receiving SMS can be a problem for some of them. Some GSM phone has a built-in SMS client that eats the incoming SMS, MMS messages and delivery reports.

As opposed to the GSM phones, GSM modems are designed for longer use. GSM modems have simple but reliable software that is able to handle sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages effectively. Due to their external antenna, they have better signal strength. Furthermore, GSM modems has external power supply that is more reliable than batteries.

Advantages of using GSM modem / GSM phone:

Disadvantages of GSM modem / GSM phone:

Internet based SMS (IP SMS) connection

Internet based SMS connection or IP SMS connection refers to connecting to the SMS Center (SMSC) of the mobile network or to an SMS service provider via TCP/IP link. TCP/IP link is an upper-layer protocol that is used for sending and receiving messages.

IP SMS connection requires the follows:

In order to setup IP SMS connection, you need to find an SMS service provider who is able to reach mobile phones in your region. This SMS service provider will ensure the sending/receiving SMS messages over the Internet. Once you select the suitable provider you need to sign a contract with this service provider in order to receive the connection parameters. These connection parameters need to be entered into Ozeki Phone System XE.

Some of the service providers also offer SMS services via HTTP protocol. Since HTTP has been developed for websites (and not for sending SMS), it requires some additional processes during SMS messaging. This way, it cannot be so efficient and fast like standard SMS protocols. Please note: in case you sign up for an HTTP SMS service, your system may not receive incoming SMS messages and may not handle delivery reports.

Advantages of IP SMS connection:

Disadvantages of IP SMS connection:

Switch from GSM modem to IP SMS connection

It is also possible to switch from GSM modem connection to IP SMS connection if higher capacity is required. In this way, you can start with a GSM modem connection in order to operate with a few SMS messages at first, and then if higher capacity is needed, you can simply switch to IP SMS connection. For this purpose you only need to do some configuration in Ozeki Phone System XE and you can simply forward SMS traffic from old GSM modem connection to the new IP SMS connection.

Setup a reliable system

In order to make sure that you have a flexible and reliable system, it is recommended to configure both wireless and IP SMS connectivity at the same time. Ozeki Phone System XE can be easily configured to automatically switch to the other connection in case the default connection is shutdown. This automatic safety connection can be configured by configuring two service provider connections (two GSM connections, two IP SMS connections, or one GSM and one IP SMS connection) and by specifying a safety route in the Ozeki Phone System XE. This solution ensures continuous SMS messaging.