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How to setup Ozeki Webphone Gateway with Cushy CMS

By connecting a webphone to the Ozeki Phone System XE you can make it possible for your customers to reach your support staff easily. Any web browser is capable of handling microphones and web cameras, making voice and video chat become available. This leads to numerous new possibilities: fast, effective and easy-to-use availability (results in higher income) for companies, great quality communication and also fast, effective and easy-to-use accessibility for the customer.

This guide helps you to build your own CMS system with a Webphone Gateway. It creates more possibilities to reach your customers or your friend over the webphone connection. You can easily create this webphone if you follow the steps and configure the tools which are important for the connection. Ozeki Wephone Gateway provides you a new facility in world wide web. You can use it for your own business and aims. In order to build your own Webphone Gateway and start calling your contacts, you need to connect Ozeki Phone System XE to your CMS System.

System architecture

Figure 1 - Connect with Cushy CMS

If you follow the steps of the configuration guide below, you will have own CMS system which is connected to Ozeki Webphone Gateway. The system will work as follows:

  • Create your own Cushy CMS website
  • Add Ozeki Webphone Gateway to your own site.
  • Connect the Webphone with Ozeki Phone system XE
  • You can start call your contacts via Ozeki Webphone Gateway

Configuration steps

In this few step you get information about how can you configure and build your own CMS system with Ozeki Webphone Gateway. Before you start to configure this solution it is assumed that you have already installed your Ozeki Phone System XE, downloaded from this page.

Step 1.) Install Cushy CMS

First, you should create a new account in the official Cushy CMS webpage. Choose the account type, enter a username, e-mail address and a password twice, then aggree to the terms of service. (Figure 2)

Figure 2 - Create account

After it, add a new site to customize. It has to be existing. Set a server, which you will use to upload your content. To access the site, enter the username and password. Click 'ADD NEW SITE', to proceed the next step.(Figure 3)

Figure 3 - Add new site

Step 2.) Create a Webphone

In this step, you need to create and set a webphone using Ozeki Phone System XE. Here you can find a detailed guide to help you with this.

Step 3.) Connect Cushy CMS with Ozeki Webphone Gateway

You have to assign pages to site. To do this, you have to add a class, named "cushycms" to every HTML tag for modification. Select the page, you would like to edit with Cushy CMS. Give it a name and click 'ASSIGN PAGE'.(Figure 4)

Figure 4 - Assign web pages

Now select the site and you can start to edit it.(Figure 5)

Figure 5 - Select site to modify

Paste the generated JavaScript code into the 'Edit Content' tab. Note that, if the PBX and the webserver are hosted in different computers, you have to replace the generated IP address with the address of the PBX. Also change the port number to 80. Click 'PUBLISH' to save the changes.

Figure 6 - Insert webphone code

Step 4.) Make a test call

Now click on your webphone. A popup window will appear, where you will be able to make calls. (Figure 7)

Figure 7 - Make test call

You can dial your own SIP devices if you click on the calling button. You should set a dial plan, don't forget to set it, because it will transmit the call to your customer (Figure 8).

Figure 8 - Check calling on Call History


If you have followed these steps, then you have installed the Ozeki Webphone Gateway and the Cushy CMS system and you have made phonecalls over the Webphone Gateway in your web browser. In these steps you could learn new possibilities of the CMS system of your business. You can add your Webphone Gateway into your website or your CMS system. If you have followed these steps and you have finished the configuration, then you can make phonecalls over the Webphone and you can dial your own phones and other devices which support the SIP protocoll.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at

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