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How to setup voice mail service

Ozeki Phone System XE offers an excellent voice mail service for you. It is ideal to handle cases when calls cannot be answered right away. In these cases the voice mail service of Ozeki Phone System XE can become your personal assistant. Follow the guide below in order to setup this voice mail service quickly and easily.

Voice mail service refers to having a computer based system that is for answering and routing telephone calls. It is able to record and save voice messages for later playback.

Ozeki Phone System XE allows to setup the voicemail service to deliver voice messages for users who are not available. Figure 1 demonstrates how its voice mail service works.

Once you installed the Voice Mail extension in the PBX, your system is ready to receive voice mails. During configuration you need to specify an extension number for the voice mail and the location where voice mail messages can be saved to. When there is an incoming call to your extension but you cannot answer it, the PBX will forward this call to the voice mail service. So the caller can leave a voice message. Later you can simply listen to your message by calling the extension of voice mail service.

Figure 1 - Voice mail service in Ozeki Phone System XE

Voice recording

In Ozeki Phone System XE, call recording service appears as a virtual extension. It means that the PBX maintains a given SIP account for the answering machine. In the PBX usually a set callcontrolling strategy decides in what cases the call has to be forwarded to the answering machine. In these cases the answering machine will be the last stage of call routing rules.

According to these call routing rules, the PBX can easily forward incoming calls to the voice mail service. The PBX usually plays an informational message to the caller before he can leave a voice message. This voice message will be placed into the folder that belongs to the called extension. The called person can listen to his message later easily by simply dialing the voice mail extension number. The saved voice message file contains some ID of the caller along with the date of the call. So voice messages can be identified and categorized easily.

There are various solutions how the PBX can identify the caller. If some ID (e.g. name) belongs to the caller in the phone book then this name will appear in the file name of the voice message. Otherwise, the system is allowed to use the number of the caller’s extension or the SIP identifier that belongs to it. Usually this can be set in the PBX.

In order to avoid the overwriting of previous voice messages, Ozeki Phone System XE PBX also saves the exact time of each call in the file name. In this way, if one caller leaves several voice messages, the system can easily keep them for later playback.

Notification about voice messages

It is a convenient way to receive some kind of notification if the user has a voice message to listen to. In case the telephone device supports MWI (Message Waiting Indicator), then a LED light will indicates new voice messages. If there is no MWI support on the phone, then voice messages still can be easily checked by dialing the extension number of voice mail service.

You can still configure your telephone system to send notifications in a more sophisticated way. In order to get instant notification messages you can send notification email or even SMS text messages with Ozeki Phone System XE. This way, you can instantly react to urgent voice messages and give a call back.

There can be cases when there is a need for listening to other user's voice messages. Ozeki Phone System XE also offers solution for these cases. So you can easily play back the voice messages of other users, however, you need to meet some security requirements, of course. In order to protect voice messages, you can only have access to other's voice mail if you know a pre-defined password or PIN codes.

Archiving voice messages

Instead of storing the cassettes of answering machines, digital PBXs like Ozeki Phone System XE, allow to archive voice messages. In this case messages are being transferred to a file structure designed for this particular purpose. In the PBX you can set the wished time for how long you wish to archive voice messages for a given extension.

Benefits of Ozeki Phone System XE voice mail service

Ozeki Phone System XE provides the most advanced voice mail solutions to all users. The voice mail stores messages in separate folders that are assigned to given extensions. The superior sound quality is guaranteed by the used audio codes and the audio files saved as MP3 files.

Configuration guide

Please follow the steps of this configuration guide to setup Ozeki Phone System XE voice mail service effectively.

First, log into Ozeki Phone System XE with your username and password (Figure 2).

Figure 2 - Login

In Extensions section click on Install new option (Figure 3).

Figure 3 - Click Install new

Select Voice mail from the list and click on Install next to it (Figure 4).

Figure 4 - Install Voice mail service extension

Now configure voice mail service on General tab. Specify the Extension phone number on which the voice mail service can be reached. Then enter the Message storage directory where voice messages can be saved. On this tab, also enable Create dialplan rules option (Figure 5).

Figure 5 - Configure voice mail service

Figure 6 demonstrates that voice mail service has been installed and configured successfully.

Figure 6 - Log

Keep in mind

The voice mail module of Ozeki Phone System XE has all the benefits and functionalities of a modern PBX. Moreover, Ozeki Phone System XE offers such impressive functionalities like e-mail and SMS notification service about the incoming voice messages.

For more information or assistance, please contact us at info@ozekiphone.com

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