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Discover the key features
of Ozeki Webphone Gateway

Ozeki Webphone Gateway facilitates to make the most out of your communication system. As it provides such useful functionalities as call recording, call history or multi-site support, a Webphone can be used to increase communication efficiency. Get to know the most important features of Ozeki Webphone Gateway below.

  • 1. Customizable appearence (HTML GUI)

    Make your Webphone System tailored for your specific needs

    • Website button

      The "website button" is the icon placed on your website, which your website visitors will click on if they want to call you. Ozeki Webphone Gateway provides you a standard website button (Figure 1), but it is also possible to display a unique one. For this purpose, you only need to upload the image file (in .png format) you want to use as a Webphone button.

      Moreover, you can use different operator status display buttons to display operator availability on your website. You can upload a picture to indicate that your operator is online, and you can upload an other one to indicate he/she is offline. In this way, if your operator is able to accept the visitors' call, the 'I'm Online!' button can be seen on your website. However, if your operator is unavailable, your website visitor will see the 'I'm Offline!' button indicating that the Webphone service is not running at the moment (Figure 1).

      Figure 1 - Default online and offline website buttons

      Webphone type

      You can select which type of webphones you would like to use (Figure 2). You can choose a simple Click-to-call Webphone or a Webphone with Keypad. The third option is a Developer friendly webphone that is fully customizable by developers.

      Figure 2 - Types of Webphones

      Developer friendly webphone

      It has been designed especially for developers. Due to the JavaScript API you can fully customize your Webphone. One of its greatest advantages is that you can build a new HTML GUI.

      Get more information about Webphone customization: How to customize your Webphone

  • 2. Call recording

    Save phone conversations on an FTP server or send them in e-mail

    • As Ozeki Phone System XE allows you to record calls, it is also possible to record calls conducted through your website. The conversations can be saved in .mp3 and .wav formats. You can specify which calls to record by telephone number and by the time period the call takes place in.

      Recording calls makes it easy to archive the calls taking place through your Webphone. You can save them on your local computer or send them to an FTP server or an e-mail address.

    Get more information about the call recording funcionality: How to setup call recording

  • 3. Call history

    Check your Webphone traffic posteriorly

    • On the configuration panel of your Webphone you can find a 'Call history' that shows every events related to your Webphone. To view this call history, open the configuration panel of your Webphone then click on the 'Log' menu item in the left side of the screen. In the 'Activity' menu item a quick information panel can be seen with the most important data (Figure 3).

      Figure 3 - Webphone call history

      Ozeki Phone System XE call history

      Ozeki Phone System XE saves all events conducted in your communication system. In order to check this call history open the 'PBX features' dropdown menu then select the 'Call history' menu item. Here you can find several information (caller ID, dialed number, call duration, call state, etc.) about all calls, messages, e-mails, etc. that has been conducted in your PBX. It also contains information about calls coming from your website.

      More information about Webphone configuration: How to configure your Webphone

  • 4. Multiple websites

    Use as many Webphone as many websites you have

    • Your Webphone outside line can be used for unlimited websites. The only thing you should do is inserting the HTML code of the Webphone into the proper websites. If you want to display a Webphone button on more than one websites, please check our licence policy.

      More information about Webphone licences: How to buy a Webphone license

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  • More calls
    By offering a free option for your website
    visitors to call your company, you can
    increase the number of incoming calls
    by up to 30-40%.
  • More sales
    More telephone inquiries lead to more purchases. A webphone can be used to convert more website visitors into buyers and cutting transaction time.
  • Better support
    By providing a user-friendly, free and innovative way for your partners to contact you, you can gain their trust and build a preferred brand/corporate image.
  • Faster access
    Ozeki Webphone Gateway will cut the time it takes for customers to reach you. Shortening the sales procedure will bring measurable success.