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Start to use Ozeki XE in 10 minutes

This QuickStart guide intends to provide you information about how can you setup your basic Ozeki Phone System XE network. You can read about the process of installation, product activation, connecting extensions and how to make the first call through your modern telecommunication system. To have your Ozeki Phone System XE on your device as soon as possible, just keep on reading and follow the easy steps.

For the very first step, please check the system requirements of the Ozeki Phone System XE software. After download it from the Ozeki Phone System XE download page. Now you can begin the installation.

First steps – installation to your computer

Launch the installation wizard. Click on the "Next" button in the welcome page of the wizard (Figure 1).

Figure 1 – The welcome page of the installation wizard

You can find the License Agreement in the next page. Please read it through carefully, accept the terms with choosing "I Agree" and then click "Next" (Figure 2).

Figure 2 – Accepting End User License

In the next window you can decide the installation folder. This can be the default folder that the software offers or the one you choose according to your needs, if you click on the "Browse" button. If the folder is that one you wish to configure the software, click on "Next" again (Figure 3).

Figure 3 – Selecting installation folder

In the window preceding the beginning of the installation, the wizard will ask for confirmation. If you think that the installation was configured according to your needs, click "Next" (Figure 4).

Figure 4 – Confirm installation in the wizard

Please wait until the installation process is done (Figure 5).

Figure 5 – The installation process

At the end of the installation process you need to create a password for the Ozeki Phone System XE admin account. You will be able to use this password to login into Ozeki Phone System XE (Figure 6).

Figure 6 – Create a password

When Ozeki Phone System XE is successfully installed on your computer, you are given a notification about it in the next window. Now you can click on "Close" (Figure 7).

Figure 7 – The installation is complete

As you have closed the installation wizard, you will find a shortcut on the desktop: the Ozeki PBX WebGUI (Graphical User Interface)(Figure 8).

Figure 8 – Ozeki Phone System XE shortcut

After closing the installation wizard, the login window on the WebGUI will automatically show up.

Now the software is installed on your computer, and it is time to activate the product. To do this, please follow the steps below.

Product activation

The product activation procedure is needed for the full use of your purchased Ozeki Phone System XE software.

NOTE. You can download the trial version of the software as well. For using the trial mode, you do not have to activate the product.

Right after the installation, the Ozeki Phone System WebGUI will show up. Here you can see the login window. Please type in your username and password (Figure 9).

Figure 9 – The Ozeki Phone System login window

After you have logged in, you will find the Ozeki Phone System menu. Please choose "Help" and then "Registration" (Figure 10).

Figure 10 – Registration tab in the Ozeki Phone System menu

After clicking on it, the registration window will show up where you can type in your license key. Please do it and then click "Activate" (Figure 11).

Figure 11 – Registration

If you have provided the proper user data, your Ozeki Phone System XE license is activated. Now you have nothing else to do but to restart the software and use it with full functionality, without any limitations.

In order to make safety copies of the most important files of the telephone system, you should backup and restore your data and configurations. For doing this, please read the Backup/Restore page.

Connecting Extensions in the Menu

After logging in to the WebGUI, you can see the menu of the Ozeki Phone System XE. Please choose Connections, than Extensions from the menu items (Figure 12).

Figure 12 – Connections / Extensions menu items

An "Install" button shows up, please click on it (Figure 13).

Figure 13 – The Install button in the menu

A form appears where you can type the user data in: a Extension phone number (optional), a Authentication name (obligatiory) and a password (obligatory) (Figure 14).

Figure 14 – The installation form for connecting extensions

After having done these, you have nothign else to do but to connect your devices to your telecommunication system. Let us see how:

Connecting IP Phones

The connection of IP phones is the easiest among all, so let us see the process of connecting this device first.

As soon as your IP phone is connected physically to the system, you should push the "MENU" button on the docking station of the device (Figure 15).

Figure 15 – Choosing "MENU" on the docking station

Please choose "SIP SETTINGS" and provide the same user data to the phone as you have provided to the WebGUI (Figure 16).

Figure 16 – Choosing "SIP settings" on the docking station

After saving these data, please repeat this process with another IP phone. As soon as the two IP phones were configured, you can begin using them.

Connecting New Generation Devices

If you intend to use new generation devices like smartphones, iPADs, PDAs, tablet PCs, etc, you must download and install the proper Ozeki Phone System XE software on the device from the device's online marketplace.

As soon as the software is on the device, your easy task is to log in, and give the same user data that you have given during the intallation of extensions. The only difference is that in the case of mobile devices you need to give the IP address where the device can connect to the Ozeki Phone System XE server.

As soon as the software is installed on at least two of your devices and you gave the data required, your wonderful system is ready for the unlimited use according to your needs and wishes.


To sum up the steps listed and explained above, for getting to use the Ozeki Phone System XE in minutes, you must do these:

For more detailed information on VoIP calling and the Ozeki Phone System XE technology, please take a look at our other pages: