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What is Ozeki Webphone Gateway

A webphone is an Adobe Flash-based software built into your website that runs inside a webbrowser. By connecting a webphone into your communication system you can make it possible for your customers to reach your support staff while browsing your website. They only need to click one to call and it is absolutely free. This guarantees fast, effective and easy-to-use availability (results in higher income) for your company, free communication and also fast, effective and user-friendly accessibility for your customers.

Your company's effective work is highly determined by the seamless communication with the customers. They expect fast and easy customer services, so companies should choose the most reliable and the most comfortable communication methods for their customers as well.

Webphone Technology provides a very user-friendly way of communication with the customers, being directly accessible from the website. Look at how it works. The website visitor is surfing on your webpage on which there is a 'Call me NOW' button. If the visitor clicks on it, a call will be initialized to that employee of your company, who deals with the calls coming from webphone. The call can be received on a desktop phone, a mobile phone, on your PC or using your existing PBX. It is absolutely free for your customer (Figure 1).

Figure 1 - How does Ozeki Webphone Gateway work

How to accept calls from your website in 3 simple steps

  1. Add a 'click-to-call' webphone button to your website

    In order to add a click-to-call funcionality to your website first you need to install a Webphone outside line in Ozeki Phone System XE. After you have installed and configured this connection, all you have to do is copying a small JavaScript code into your website. As a result, a click-to-call webphone icon will appear on your site.

    Note: If you want to receive your customers' calls through your existing PBX / business phone system, you only need to connect that to Ozeki Phone System XE by following some simple steps.

    How to setup a Webphone outside line in Ozeki Phone System XE
    How to connect your PBX to Ozeki Phone System XE
    How to customize your Webphone button

  2. Let your website visitor call you by clicking on the webphone button

    If your customer wants to contact you while browsing your website, he/she usually needs to find out your telephone number, e-mail address or fax number then take a device (a telephone, an e-mail account, etc.) to contact to you.

    This complete process could be much faster and easier with the Webphone. The customer only need to click on a click-to-call button that you have inserted to your website previously.

    You can specify a given a telephone number for this button, so your customer nothing have to do but click on the button, take his/her microphone and speaker and wait for your agent's answer.

  3. Forward the call to your agent's telephone

    You can setup that which agent and which telephone will be ringing when a website visitor initiates a phone call through your website. For this purpose, you need to add a dialplan rule in Ozeki Phone System XE.

    In this way, after your customer have clicked on the Webphone button, this predefined telephone extension will be ringing automatically.

    How to forward calls to your agent's telephone

Types of Webphone applications

Depending on the service you intend to offer, you can choose between two Webphone solutions:

  1. Click-to-call Webphone

    It means that on your website just a call button can be seen with something similar text like these: 'Call us NOW', 'I'm online, call me', 'Free call NOW', etc. (It is possible to customize your Webphone button.). The website visitor can make a call by clicking on this button.

  2. Full-featured Webphone

    This is a standard softphone application that allows your website visitors to dial any of your phone numbers. For instance, if you want to achieve that your customers dial the support staff in technical questions and dial the sales staff related to pricing, it is recommended to use this type of Webphones.

    In this case, you need to display as many telephone number as you want and let your website visitors choose the proper phone number. After that your customer need to enter the appropriate number by using this softphone application then click on the call starter button.

  3. Developer friendly webphone

    It has been designed especially for developers. Due to the JavaScript API you can fully customize your Webphone. One of its greatest advantages is that you can build a new HTML GUI.

What do you need

to accept calls from website visitors

1. Windows PC
to download and install
Ozeki Phone System XE

2. Ozeki Phone System XE
that enables to accept calls
from your website

3. A website
to provide the click-to-call icon
for your customers

4. VoIP Provider connection
to ensure telephone line
for the webphone

What does your visitor need

to make calls on your website

1. Internet connection
to be able to access
to your website

2. Flash Player
if Youtube runs, the webphone will work as well

3. A microphone
to talk to the the other party
(i.e. your operator)

4. A speaker/earphone
to hear one who your customer is going to talk with

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  • More calls
    By offering a free option for your website
    visitors to call your company, you can
    increase the number of incoming calls
    by up to 30-40%.
  • More sales
    More telephone inquiries lead to more purchases. A webphone can be used to convert more website visitors into buyers and cutting transaction time.
  • Better support
    By providing a user-friendly, free and innovative way for your partners to contact you, you can gain their trust and build a preferred brand/corporate image.
  • Faster access
    Ozeki Webphone Gateway will cut the time it takes for customers to reach you. Shortening the sales procedure will bring measurable success.