Ozeki Reseller Partnership

  for distributing Ozeki Phone System software products

Information for resellers
Ozeki Informatics Ltd. welcomes companies from all over the world who are interested in distributing and selling the Ozeki Phone System software product. It is our top priority to give our reseller partners a competitive advantage and to help them be very profitable when they engage in a business relationship with us.

If you would like to become a reseller partner, please let us know by introducing your organisation in an e-mail sent to info@ozekiphone.com. You may also attach a signed copy of the reseller application form to your e-mail.Once we receive your e-mail we will provide you information about how our reseller program works.

All Ozeki Phone System resellers are required to display the Ozeki partner statement on their website, and they must have experience in selling and marketing telecommunication software products. Technical capabilities are also an advantage.

The Ozeki partner statement:

The Ozeki partner statement consists of the ozeki partner logo image and the text stating that the partner is a reseller. It should be displayed as shown here:

OZEKI VoIP Phone System We are a proud reseller of
Ozeki Phone System
the most advanced
VoIP PBX for Windows
Download this partner logo

Click here for instructions on how to place this logo on your website.

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