Ozeki VoIP Service Provider Partnership

Information for VoIP service providers

As a global leader of VoIP solutions, Ozeki Informatics Ltd. is currently teaming up with competent VoIP service providers from all over the world. We can take our partners one step closer to the success derived from first-rate technology and VoIP solutions. It is our mission to offer competitive benefits and invaluable opportunities to partners.

If your VoIP service is SIP 2.0 compliant, it is compatible with the Ozeki Phone System XE PBX software. In this case you are free to display the "Ozeki Phone System XE Compatible VoIP Service" logo on your website to attract more customers. It is a good idea, to do this now!

You may also provide us a test account to your VoIP service and apply for compliance testing. In this case Our engineers will test your service free of charge, and if it is compatible with Ozeki Phone System XE, you will get a "Certified Ozeki VoIP Service Provider Partner" certificate, and you may use the "Certified VoIP Service" logo on your website. We provide compliance testing service in 2021 free of charge. To request compliance testing, please send an e-mail with login details to your VoIP service to info@ozekiphone.com.

Ozeki Phone System XE Compatible VoIP Service statement:

You may display this statement on your website free of charge, if your VoIP service is SIP 2.0 compliant, which means it is compatible with Ozeki Phone System XE. The statement includes the Ozeki VoIP Service Compatibility Logo image and the text stating that the VoIP service is compatible. It should be displayed as shown below:

OZEKI VoIP Phone System We are proud to announce
that our VoIP service supports
Ozeki Phone System XE
VoIP PBX for Windows
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