Ozeki Phone System 10

How to switch the web interface between IIS or IIS Express

Ozeki Phone System uses IIS Express for its web interface by default. If you are using IIS as your web server in your comany then you dont have to give up on using the Ozeki Phone System, because it has a built in application that can swith between the IIS and the IIS Express. This way you will be able to take advantage of the services of Ozeki Phone System without having to give up on using IIS.

It is really simple to use the application, you just have to click on a button for switching between the web servers. Let's see how it works.

Step 1: Open the containing folder

You can access the application in the C:\Program Files\Ozeki\Ozeki Phone System XE\Tools\IISSwitcher\ directory.

Step 2: Start the application

Double click on the IISSwitcher application to start the program, as you can see on the figure below.

the iisswitcher exe
Figure 1 - The IISSwitcher exe

Step 3: Switch to IIS

You will need to turn on the ASP.NET inside the IIS feature to be able to use this application. If it is turned on then just simply click on the Switch to IIS button.

switch to iis
Figure 2 - Switch to IIS

If the IIS is properly configured then the switching should happen without any problems and you should see the following.

successful switch
Figure 3 - Successful switch to IIS

Step 4: Switch back to IIS Express

You can switch back to IIS Express if you want, but you are not obligated to do so. For the sake of this example I am goint to switch back to IIS Express to show you that this function work too. To do so just click on the Switch to IIS Express button.

switch to iis express
Figure 4 - Switch to IIS Express

You will see that the application has switched back to IIS Express successfully, like on the figure below.

successful switch
Figure 5 - Successful switch to IIS Express


As you could see from the example above, it is really simple to use the IIS Switcher application, you just have to click on the proper buttons. With the help of this application you can keep your old IIS along the usage of Ozeki Phone System XE.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at info@ozekiphone.com

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