Ozeki Phone System 10


Ozeki Informatics Ltd. offers training courses in Debrecen, Hungary on VoIP technologies, on end-user practices and on system administration related to Ozeki Software Products. The level of the courses are ranging from beginner to advanced and are held in small groups (2-10 participants). Training courses are held in English language.


The course starts on the first Monday of every month. Lectures start at 8:00 a.m. in the morning, and end at 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon. There are two 15 minute coffee breaks and a 1 hour lunch break during the day.


MondayIntroduction to VoIP technologies and services
Introduces the terminology, provides information on how VoIP telephony works, explains the common VoIP services. Gives information on how VoIP telephony and services can be used in corporate systems and how this technology can be boosted with the Ozeki Phone System XE platform.

TuesdayEnd user training for Ozeki Phone System XE
Introduces the user interface and explains all the features. Demonstrates common setups and configurations. Outlines best practices in creating VoIP solutions. Covers security issues and cost control related tasks.

WednesdaySystem administration of Ozeki Phone System XE
Gives information about installation and maintenance including backup and restore procedures. Provides information on how to manage high loads of traffic, how to operate several extensions and services at the same time.

ThursdaySoftware developer training
The participants can select a preferred technology and programming language (C#.NET, HTTP, SQL, etc.) to use during the day. The lecture covers, what are the best methods to create telephony applications and to manage the PBX effectively.


Training sessions are held in Debrecen, Hungary. For more information on location, transport and accommodation please visit: http://www.ozekiphone.com/office-location-18.html (Location in Debrecen)

How to sign up

Registration for the training must be done at least 15 days before the course starts. To register you must send an e-mail to info@ozekiphone.com with your name, contact information and by naming the courses you are interested in. You will be given further instructions in a response e-mail.

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