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Commercial information for Ozeki Phone System XE

The pages of this section focus on providing detailed information for the pricing, licensing and further commercial related issues for the Ozeki Phone System XE software product. When you decide to purchase an Ozeki Phone System XE software license you will gain complex services.

  1. For later projects you may need professional technical support to achieve greater and faster efficiency. For this purpose you can choose a support package adjusted to your needs: Read more at Support terms and conditions page.

    This page gives you a comparison chart of the support packages. By default standard support is available when you purchase the product. You can easily extend this support period with silver or gold support package effectively.

  2. To place an order and get an Ozeki Phone System XE license the soonest, all you need to do is to click the order link next to the selected software license. After you select the payment method you can finish the order process. That's easy. You can order an Ozeki Phone System XE license at How to buy page. This page also provides useful licensing information you may be interested in.

  3. After purchasing an Ozeki Phone System XE license you can gain several benefits and advantages. Learn why it is worth to be a license holder at License holder benefits page!

  4. Team up with OZEKI, one of the most recognised brands in VoIP technology and select the partnership program that best fits your business. As an Ozeki partner, your products and services will get more recognition and you will enjoy several benefits. First, select the most suitable partnership program at Partnership program page.

For more information, please contact the Ozeki Sales Team at info@ozekiphone.com!

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