To use the built in webphone service follow three simple steps.

Step 1.
Download and install Ozeki Phone System and setup a Webphone Outside line.

Step 2.
Generate the HTML code for the webphone, and copy the HTML into your website.

Step 3.
Route calls to a chat console installed on a PC or to a telephone in your office.

Ozeki Phone System - Webphone PBX

Live chat, Voice calls, Video calls

The Ozeki Phone System has a built in webphone service. It allows you to add a live chat window to your website. This chat window allows the website visitor to initiate chat, voice and video calls to your office. The website visitor does not have to install any software. As soon as he opens the webpage, he can make a call free of charge to the operator, by simply clicking a button. The website visitor can use his microphone and speaker attached to his PC to make the call. Calls coming from the website can be routed to any VoIP endpoint. They can be sent to an IVR, to a desktop voip phone or to a mobile VoIP handset. This is a truly revolutionary technology. Try it yourself, by downloading and installing Ozeki Phone System.

You can learn more about webphones and webphone extensions here.