Introduction to VoIP

This section of Ozeki Phone System website outlines VoIP system details that are required for stable and efficient corporate communication. The articles below are intended to explain network elements (servers, clients, adapters, etc.) that allow to have optimal VoIP connection, VoIP protocols (SIP, RTP, H323) and the supported data formats.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology allows phone conversations to be established via the Internet or via any other IP based data network. The analog sound signals are converted into digital data and then they are transferred to the called party via the Internet. (Figure 1)

sample voip call with ozeki phone system
Figure 1 - A sample VoIP call with Ozeki Phone System

VoIP technology

VoIP services offer an alternative to regular fixed line phone services with various benefits. The main benefit of VoIP is that some providers offer free calls between their VoIP customers, and very low cost calls to other numbers including long distance and international calls.

In a VoIP call the conversation is split into data packets that are then transmitted across the network and reassembled at the receiving end. VoIP calls can be initiated from computers, special VoIP phones or even traditional phone devices.

VoIP technology requires wide bandwidth connection. Further requirements depend on which VoIP provider is used (in Ozeki Phone System there are numerous VoIP providers to choose from so only one click is needed to connect to the most appropriate one). In order to initiate VoIP calls using Ozeki Phone System you only need a PC or special VoIP phone or even a traditional telephone set. You can initiate a VoIP call from analog devices with the help of an adapter. The called party can accept the calls on any kind of telephone device without having any special tools.

Advantages offered by VoIP technology

  • Extra functionalities increase the efficiency of the PBX (call forward, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), conference call, etc.)
  • Connection with other devices (even with analog telephone devices)
  • It results a better usage of Internet bandwidth
  • Quick and efficient connection with foreign partners
  • Safety is ensured by the encryption and authentication of the data flow
  • Simultaneous phone calls – flexible communication
  • Connection to VoIP providers from anywhere – only appropriate Internet connection and a communication device (laptop, mobile phone, desktop phone, etc) is required
  • Reduced network and communication expenses
  • Cost savings will help reach the corporate goals

Gain more information about VoIP connection:

  1. VoIP network elements

    Voice over IP (VoIP) is a telecommunication technology that allows voice conversations to be conducted over the Internet (since IP, for Internet Protocol) instead of the plain old telephone system (POTS). In order to setup connection various equipments, servers, clients, gateways, phone lines and other network elements are included in the process. This article deals with the basic concepts of VoIP technology and introduces network elements in relation with communication services. Read more ...

  2. VoIP protocols

    In order to create a VoIP connection some protocols need to be applied. This article describes the standards that are for describing the communication between the two endpoints. Basically, VoIP connections can be applied with the following protocols: SIP, RFC, UDP, SDP, RTP, RTCP, H323. By clicking on the link you will find details about these protocols. Read more ...

  3. VoIP data formats

    This article gives a brief summary about data formats that are supported by VoIP connections. In VoIP communication codecs have very important roles. Codec is a device or computer program that codes and decodes the digital data flow. With the help of codecs VoIP technology is capable of converting analog sound signals to digital codes. Click on the link and learn more about the following codecs: G711 Alaw, G711 Ulaw, G722, G729, iLBC, Speex, GSM. Read more ...

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