Ozeki Phone System 10


The following pages describe steps you can take when you experience some unusual issues during using Ozeki Phone System software. Each article explains how you can troubleshoot the given issue. Please follow the guides to be able to use Ozeki Phone System with full functionality.

  1. How to create wireshark logs
    This guide explains how you can create Wireshark logs. Once the logs are created you can send them to us so that our technical engineers can investigate the issue.

  2. How to reset the admin password
    It can occur that your login attempt is failed for some reason. In this case this guide can help you reset password to be able to log into Ozeki Phone System successfully.

Please note: Many issues can be resolved quickly by simply updating your Ozeki Phone System software. Get the latest software updates at our Download page.

You can also contact our technical engineers with further issues by filling the online support request form or send us an email to info@ozekiphone.com

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