Ozeki Phone System Data Sheet

Ozeki Phone System Description
Product Name Ozeki Phone System
Category VoIP PBX Telephone System
Product Website http://www.ozekiphone.com/
Package Content OzekiPhoneSystem.exe
Redistributable .DLL (OPSSDK.dll)
Example applications
Main Task Makes it possible to build a business phone system with advanced features to ensure the best communication experience.
Supported Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 11
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows Server 2022
Microsoft Windows Server 2019
Microsoft Windows Server 2016
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Software Requirement Supported Web browsers:
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Brave
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Safari

.NET Framework 4.0
Outside Line Connectivity VoIP Service Provider
PSTN Device (FXO and FXS)
ISDN Phone Line
GSM Modem
SMPP Service Provider
E-mail Provider
Extension Connectivity SIP Extension
Ring group
Call queue
API Extension
Conference room
Echo/sound test
APIs for Development .NET API (OPSSDK.dll): Advanced API for .NET, to control the PBX and manage calls and messaging.

HTTP API: Setup voice calls, send SMS, configure your PBX using HTTP requests.

OzML: An advanced XML language to create an outbound or inbound IVR.

SQL API: Log call information to a database, schedule calls, send/receive SMS using SQL.

EXE Launcher: Launch your exe when a call comes in and take full control over the call.

Supported Programming Languages:
  • C# .NET
  • VB.NET
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Javascript
  • HTML
System Features Calling features:
  • Call recording
  • Attended transfer
  • Blind transfer
  • Call forward
  • Call rejection
  • Voice conference support
  • Call hold/unhold
  • Do not disturb (DND)
  • Multi-line support (multiple simultaneous calls)
  • Call logging
  • Call queuing
  • Conference calling
  • Call routing

  • SMS sending via GSM modem or SMPP connection
  • SMPP Server funcionality
  • Sending e-mail notifications about missed calls or new voicemails
  • Instant Messaging between softphones

Office user handling: It enables to organize users into different groups with different privileges. It also allows to assign more telephone numbers to a user.

  • VPN
  • TLS
  • SRTP
  • ZRTP

Call routing:
  • Inbound routing rules
  • Outbound routing rules
  • Missed calls
  • Messaging
  • Least cost routing

SIP-based phone system

NAT: STUN allows your to use the Ozeki Phone System behind NAT device to discover its public IP.

Learning mode: With enabled learning mode Ozeki PBX allows VoIP devices to register automaticaly their user account to the system. The first time they connect, a SIP account will be created automatically for them. This option results in automated SIP account creation.

SIP trunk mode: It allows to connect the Ozeki Phone System to another SIP based PBX.

Example Applications Auto Dialer: For delivering auto messages from your PC to any phones.

Broadcast By SMS: Enables interactive, customised messaging.

Broadcast By Email: Intelligent e-mail messaging solution.

Agent Dialer: The most excellent application for predictive dialling.

Call Center Client: Manage customer information in the most effective way.

Call Center Manager: Improve your business with call management tools.

IVR: Powerful interactive menu system designer and manager suite.

Call Recorder: Professional call recording software application.

Appointment reminder: For sending customised notifications from your PC.
Webphone Embedded telephone on a website: Calls can be made through the Ozeki Phone System from a web browser.
  • Click to call
  • Webphone with keypad
  • Chatphone
Supported VoIP Devices/Softphones Desktop IP Phones:
  • Linkpro
  • Yealink
  • Grandstream
  • Linksys
  • Cisco
  • Snom

  • Counterpath X-Lite
  • Counterpath Bria
  • ExpressTalk
  • Zoiper
  • DIAX
  • Damaka
  • AdoreSoftphone
  • MiniPAX
  • Ekiga
  • 3CX Phone

PSTN Device (ATA):
  • Linkpro
  • Linksys
  • Cisco
Supported Codecs Audio codecs:
  • PCMA (8)
  • PCMU (0)
  • telephone-event (101)
  • iLBC (98)
  • G722 (9)
  • GSM (3)
  • SPEEX (100)
  • SPEEX (97)
  • L16 (103)
  • G729 (18)
  • G728 (15)
  • G723 (4)
  • G726-16 (104)
  • G726-24 (105)
  • G726-32 (106)
  • G726-40 (107)

Video codecs:
  • H263-1998 (102)
  • H264 (99)
  • H263 (34)

RFC 2833:RTP Payload for DTMF Digits, Telephony Tones and Telephony Signals

RFC 3261:Session Initiation Protocol

RFC 3263:SIP: Locating SIP Servers

RFC 3264:An Offer/Answer Model with the (SDP)

RFC 3265:SIP Event Notification

RFC 3420:Internet Media Type message/sipfrag

RFC 3428:SIP Instant Messaging

RFC 3489:STUN - Simple Traversal of UDP Through NATs

RFC 3515:SIP Refer Method

RFC 3550:Real-time Transport Protocol

RFC 3551:RTP Audio/Video Conference

RFC 3587:IPv6 Global Unicast

RFC 3666:SIP, PSTN, Call Flows

RFC 3725:Best Practices for Call Control

RFC 3842:Message Waiting Indication

RFC 3856:Presence Events in SIP

RFC 3891:The SIP Replaces Header

RFC 3892:SIP Referred-By Mechanism

RFC 3920:Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Core

RFC 4566:Session Description Protocol

RFC 5411:A Hitchhiker's Guide to the SIP