Ozeki Phone System Accessories

Welcome to the Ozeki Phone System Accessories page. This web page provides information about what kinds of Accessories are available for Ozeki Phone System PBX. The following list gives short descriptions about the available accessories with hyperlinks for detailed descriptions.

Please follow these links for detailed information and installation guides:

Ozeki VoIP Click to Call Firefox browser plugin
To make calls from Mozilla Firefox web browser you need to install the Ozeki VoIP Click to Call plugin. After a quick installation process you will be able to use the plugin to call a PSTN number through Ozeki Phone System. See the following link for more information and installation guides.
Proceed to Ozeki VoIP Click to Call Firefox plugin
Ozeki XD Softphone
Make amazing 3D video calls with Ozeki Phone System using the revolutionary Ozeki XD Softphone. It provides you improved 3D projection technology while the stereo webcam and the red-cyan 3D glasses enable high-tech video adventure in your office.
Proceed to Ozeki XD Softphone
Ozeki VoIP Service Checker
Ozeki VoIP Service Checker is a great mobile application that can be used to check the availability of VoIP services. It sends a VoIP login packet to the PBX then waits for a response. This tool is open source and compatible with Android, Windows Phone and Apple mobile devices.
Proceed to Ozeki VoIP Service Checker