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What makes it the most advanced IP PBX?

Empower your corporate communication system with the following powerful features and just discover how they can improve the communication methods towards your partners, employees and customers! Learn more about such revolutionary PBX functionalities as SMS messaging, webphone integration or mobile extension opportunities.

Our Desktop Application:

Ozeki Phone System provides professional technology to ensure seamless and reliable corporate communication within and outside your company. In the Desktop application you can configure devices that are responsible for ensuring communication within your companies. This way, you will find important settings such as configuration options for SIP extensions, Phones, Fax machines, FXS ports. Read how to setup the desktop application.

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Telephones and other Devices our Desktop Application Can Connect With:

Telephone lines
When you use Ozeki Phone System you have the option to use various phone lines to make your corporate communication more effective. Ozeki Phone System allows to use analog phone lines, digital (ISDN) phone lines, GSM phone lines and SIP based VoIP in your corporate telephone system. You can see how to configure telephone line types
In the Phones section you will be able to configure the phone devices (either software or hardware phones) that will be parts of your telephone system. You can manage them on one interface by providing the necessary values for registering them into the system. Ozeki Phone System allows to use a wide range of phones since analog lines, ISDN lines and SIP based VoIP are also available. Learn how to connect Ozeki Phone System to office devices
VoIP providers
Ozeki Phone System offers a great option for connecting your corporate telephone system to external VoIP service providers. You can configure an external VoIP service provider in order to place calls outside the corporate telephone system via the Ozeki Phone System. By configuring more VoIP providers, you can dramatically save call costs because you can even route the given call to the cheapest provider. Read how to connect to VoIP service providers
Fax machines
In order to ensure a really complex, flexible and reliable telephone system, Ozeki Phone System makes it possible to register corporate fax machines, as well. In this way, all devices that can be used for various communication purposes will be managed under one roof. A wide range of fax machines are supported. In the Fax machines section you will be able to configure and manage these devices.
PSTN devices
Ozeki Phone System efficiently supports a wide range of PSTN devices in order to ensure seamless communication. PSTN device support is necessary if you decide to setup a complex corporate telephone system that can also handle analog lines. PSTN devices are the ideal tools to connect analog or ISDN lines to Ozeki Phone System. Find out how to connect to analog telephone lines

PSTN ports:

  • FXO ports/trunks
    FXO Ports can also be configured when you use Ozeki Phone System. FXO ports are used by analog phone lines. FXO (Foreign eXchange Office) receives calls arriving from analog phone lines. Beside PSTN device configuration, you also need to configure these FXO ports in order to ensure analog phone line support in your corporate telephone system. Read more about FXO

  • FXS ports
    Ozeki Phone System also supports FXS ports effectively. FXS (Foreign eXchange Subscriber) is the interface that makes it possible to use analog phone lines for communication in corporate communication systems. FXS and FXO always come together. With the appropriate phone system, such as Ozeki Phone System, it is possible to easily configure FXS and FXO ports for analog phone line support. In case your corporate telephone system supports analog phone lines, you can provide complex and first-rate communication experience within and outside your company. Learn more about FXS

SIP extensions

In SIP Extensions section you can specify the SIP extensions to be used in your telephone system. If you wish to setup an inside phone system, you can configure the various telephones as extensions in your system. From this point, any of these phones can call the other registered extensions. In the configuration form you can register the extension, then you can manage all of your registered extensions on one interface (their Order, Name, Status, Datasheet can be checked and managed). Find out more about SIP clients

Top-notch Services!

Services section gives you really outstanding options for making a customized, flexible and reliable telephone system. Ozeki Phone System has been designed to provide really wide range of phone services for seamless communication experience. This way, you will have first-rate options like voicemail, SMS messaging, conference room, echo sound test, ring group, chat console, call queues and call recording within your phone system. Read more about services

Ozeki Phone System offers a high-end voicemail service that has the capability to provide the right system to manage calls which could not be personally attended. In this section you can customize and configure voicemail service. This system offers a wide range of options such as dial by extension, dial by number, dial an alternate extension or leave a message in the voicemail box. Callers to your official numbers will be welcomed with a professional sounding voice message asking them to leave a message in the voicemail box. Learn how to setup a voicemail service
SMS messaging
The built-in SMS messaging function makes Ozeki Phone System revolutionary in its field. With this feature a really complex phone system becomes available for your business to ensure the most high-end communication experience to your customers and partners. In this section you can configure all SMS messaging related options of your communication system. Find out how to setup an SMS service

  • SMS modem
    You can connect a mobile phone to your PBX with a phone-to-PC data cable to send/receive SMS messages. This solution allows you to send SMS messages from PC to mobile phones and accept SMS messages from mobile phones to PC. Read how to install a GSM modem

  • SMPP connection
    The SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) protocol can be used to connect your PC directly to the Short Message Service Center (SMSC) of a mobile service provider. This way you can send and receive SMS messages over the Internet or over a private IP network. Learn about setting up an SMPP connection

Conference calling

Conference calling (also called Three Way Calling) allows you to talk to two different people at the same time, to add a second person to your call or to put one call on hold and make a second call. Three way calling can be used for local or long distance calls. Once you hang up, both calls are disconnected. In this section you can configure all conference calling related options of your communication system.
Echo sound test
Echo sound test is an extension which can be called when other extensions want to check their phone line. You can call the echo sound testing service and leave a message that will be played back to you. You can also hear your own voice back that everything went alright. In this section you can configure all echo sound test related options of your communication system.
Ring group
You can setup a ring group to ring several extensions at the same time on incoming calls or according to a selected ringing strategy. In this section you can configure all ring group related options of your communication system. Find out more about Ring Groups
Call queues
Ozeki Phone System makes it possible to configure an excellent tool for great customer service. Introducing call queues gives your callers options to get them out of hold, answer multiple calls in the order they were received and build sophisticated call groups for speedy customer responses. Read how to setup call queues
Call recording
When you use Ozeki Phone System to setup your corporate communication system you have the great option to use the very latest best-of-breed technology in order to securely record, retrieve and playback all of your incoming and outgoing communications. In this section you can configure and manage call recording options within your telephone system. Learn more about call recording

Improve Your Webpage for a Better Customer Experience!

Ozeki Phone System provides the fantastic option for including your webpages into your corporate communication system. It is possible by employing webphones, softphones, click-to-call buttons or even live chat options in your website. In this section you will be able to configure these website related options. Choosing either one or all of these options, you ultimately experience higher customer involvement and response rate. Webpage improvements

Ozeki Phone System makes it easy to use a webphone integrated into your website as an essential element of your corporate telephone system. Ozeki Phone System allows to manage all of your phone devices (the webphones, as well) under one roof, providing a really complex and seamless communication experience both for you and your customers. With a fully featured webphone, your website visitors can have various options to make calls to your various departments directly from your webpages. Read how to add a webphone to your website
Click to call
In case you do not need a fully featured webphone but only a click-to-call button, Ozeki Phone System also supports this need. Click-to-call buttons makes website visitors possible to click on a button on your webpage that is connected to your phone system. This way, a previously defined phone number will be ringed by clicking this click-to-call button. Read more about click to call
Live chat
As a part of your phone system, Live chat modules can also be placed into your website. Ozeki Phone System allows to manage these live chat interactions efficiently. Find out more about live chat

Supported Mobile Sevices as Clients:

Ozeki Phone System has been designed to handle mobile phones, desktop phones, the PC and the tablet of a user to offer the best possible communication experience. They work in all mobile networks (even if traditional VoIP is blocked), use an encrypted communication channel to offer end-to-end security and they can be managed in synch with desktop phones and PC clients.

Android clients
Ozeki Phone System lets you manage, route and track calls right from your Android phone no matter where you are. Its Android client syncs in real-time with your desktop application, giving you real-time data. See how to connect your Android Mobile
iPhone clients
Ozeki Phone System also supports iPhone clients efficiently. Now you can integrate your phone system into your iPhone device. This feature greatly extends all the features of your corporate phone system out to mobile employees carrying smartphones. See how to connect your iPhone
Windows Phone clients
Ozeki Phone System supports Windows Phone clients in order to provide more flexible and complex communication experience. Learn more about connecting Windows phones.
Standard mobile phones
Ozeki Phone System supports Standard mobile clients in order to provide more flexible and complex communication experience. Find out more about connecting Standard Phones

Boost your Productivity to the Skies!

Ozeki Phone System ensures high productivity. In case you have branch offices, you can easily and efficiently connect phone systems between your branch offices and make free phone calls. In the Productivity section you can configure and manage Remote office settings, Users settings, Phone book settings and API settings. Learn how to make a killer phone system and boost your productivity

Remote offices
In case you have remote offices, you can easily connect your phone systems between branches to operate as one phone system. Its greatest advantage is that it helps keep seamless operation, even if there is a break in operation (for example, no Internet connection) in one of the remote office, remote offices still can make calls within the company. Connecting your branch offices is a great idea becuase it allows to synchronise settings and configurations between phone systems. Ozeki Phone System ensures secure tunnel between PBXs.
This section allows you to perform the basic steps that are required to add a new user and assign the user to a new phone. While you add a new end user and associate the end user with a new phone, you can configure a new directory number and extension information for the new end phone.
Phone book
In order to handle the registered users/phones and extensions, the Ozeki Phone System offers an easy-to-use and transparent telephone book. This phone book will be available and can be synchronized to all of the registered devices. With the use of APIs, the phone book can also be integrated even with ERP systems, so the contact list of the phone book will be updated automatically on all registered devices. This way, you can manage all users efficiently and quickly under one roof. More information about phone book
In this section you can configure APIs for your Ozeki Phone System in order to provide a more flexible communication system. HTTP and SQL APIs are available for configuration. This feature allows to reach your PBX from outside or to integrate your PBX with other systems. Read about the HTTP API Read more about the SQL API


Usually, in most corporate systems extensions are assigned to physical telephones. With Ozeki Phone System you not only have the fantastic chance to assign extensions to webphones, click-to-call buttons, etc, but you can also configure call routing both for outgoing and incoming calls. In this section you can also setup a black list.

Outbound rules
Outbound rules refer to the routing rules of outgoing phone calls. Ozeki Phone System allows you to setup outbound routing rules in order to define which lines/extensions will be used for a given call. This way, you can setup a cost-saving and flexible phone system. In this section you can configure and customize outgoing call routes. Find out more about outgoing calls
Inbound rules
Inbound rules refer to the routing rules of incoming phone calls. Ozeki Phone System makes it possible to setup incoming routing rules in order to specify which of the registered phones/extensions incoming calls need to be routed to. This is an important feature that gives your system tremendous power while giving your company outstanding flexibility. Learn how to define incoming call routing rules
Black lists
With Ozeki Phone System, it is also possible to setup a black list. It means that you can setup a list of contacts who are being denied of participating in some service, access, recognition, etc. Usually, black listed numbers are prevented from being dialled, or some phone numbers are blocked from calling in the phone system.


This section provides you essential information about the diagnostics of Ozeki Phone System such as system logs, details about calls in progress and monitoring of on-line users. The primary objective of system diagnostics is to detect, report, and clear system statuses and issues as quickly as possible with minimum disruption of service.

System logs
In System Logs section you can check the events and log files regarding the system processes. These are essential in system maintenance. Read more about logs
Calls in progress
Ozeki Phone System ensures the great function of monitoring calls that are in progress. This feature gives remarkable options to improve customer services and corporate communication. Find out more about call logs
On-line users
Ozeki Phone System also allows to monitor on-line users activity. With these great feature you can gain important and useful statistics related to users.


In Preferences section you can find general configuration options, PBX features, Phone numbering scheme, and network/Firewall setup.

General configuration
In General configuration section you can make configurations in order to setup your Ozeki Phone System quickly and efficiently. Learn more about general configuration
PBX features
In PBX features menu you can configure, customize and manage all PBX related features of Ozeki Phone System in order to ensure seamless and flexible operation. Read about setting up PBX features
Phone numbering scheme
Ozeki Phone System makes it possible to define the default length of the used telephone numbers in your phone system when you register a new device/extension.
Network / Firewall setup
For efficient operation and communication with VoIP providers, proper firewall and network settings must be made in Ozeki Phone System. You can read about letting it through your Network/Firewall

Keep in mind

Ozeki Phone System can bring your company to the next level by making the pillars of your corporate communication network. You can connect it with VoIP providers, phones, every kind of SIP extension. It also has several useful services like SMS messaging which is revolutionary in the industry .

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at info@ozekiphone.hu

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