How to connect your Android Mobile to the
Ozeki Phone System

Use your smartphone as a mobile SIP extension by using the CSIPSimple application. For this purpose, you need to install the CSipSimple application on your Android Mobile Phone, and Ozeki Phone System on your Windows PC. This guide describes what else you need and how you should configure your mobile in order to turn your smartphone into a full-featured extension of your VoIP network.

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How to create a connection

Step 1: Creating a SIP account in Ozeki

Step 2: Installing CSipSimple

Step 3: Configuring CSiPSimple

Step 4: Setting up dial plans

Step 5: Making a test call

Step 1: Create a SIP account in Ozeki XE

In order to connect your Android phone to Ozeki Phone System, you need to create a SIP Extension, first.

add new phone extension
Figure 1 - Add new phone extension

configure extension number and password
Figure 2 - Configure extension number and password

phone extension created
Figure 3 - Phone extension created

You can find a detailed guide about how to create a SIP Extension here.

Step 2: Installing CSipSimple

In order to connect your mobile phone to your communication system, you need an application that can be used to turn your phone into a mobile extension. One of the most reliable apps is CSipSimple.

In order to install CSipSimple you need to download it from Google Play:

download csipsimple
Figure 1 - Download CSipSimple from Google Play

Step 3: Configuring CSipSimple

1. After you have launched CSipSimple, select the most appropriate connection method then click the Save button (Figure 2).

connection method
Figure 2 - Select connection method

2. Click on "Add account" then select the "Basic" menu item from the Generic wizards (Figure 3).

add account
Figure 3 - Add account


    Now, you need to provide the user data that you defined earlier in Ozeki Phone System XE WebGUI:
  • First, click on "Account name" and specify the name of your account (Figure 4).
  • After dialing, you have to choose the call's destination: Mobile or VoIP.
  • After it is done, click the OK button.
  • Similarly, click on "User" and enter the phone number of the new extension. Your mobile phone will be available on this telephone number.
  • Click on the OK button.
  • After that, select "Server" and type the IP address of your Ozeki Phone System XE.
  • Click on the OK button.
  • Finally, choose "Password" menu item and enter the password of the extension.
  • Click on the OK button.
Save your configuration by clicking on the Save button.

user data
Figure 4 - Specify user data

4. After providing proper user data, your new account will be a Registered one. It shows that your mobile phone is ready to use. Click on "Accounts" in the top left-hand of the screen and the keypad will appear (Figure 5).

extension is ready
Figure 5 - Mobile extension is ready to use

Step 4: Setup dial plans

Step 5: Make a test call

In order to make a call;

  • enter a phone number (the number of the extension you would call) by using the keypad.
  • click on the telephone icon to initiate the call.

On Figure 6, you can see that our sample extension (1002) called an other SIP extension (1004) and the last picture shows an incoming call as well, from the other extension (1004).

test call
Figure 6 - Test call


The guide above presented how to connect your Android Mobile (smartphone and tablet as well) to Ozeki Phone System. If you follow these steps, you will be able to install and configure the CSipSimple application and to use your Android Mobile as a full-featured mobile extension of your communication system.

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