Outside lines and extensions in Ozeki Phone System

Here, you can find all the outside lines and extensions you can use. By clicking on their pictures, you will find more details on their installation and settings. From all the outside lines and extensions, you can connect one to another in any way you see fit by providing a proper dial plan.

You can find more information about the connections' setup at the setup of different types of connections chapter.

Outside lines

Standard connections

VoIP provider
With this, you can make and receive calls to and from landline, mobil, or even analogue networks through a VoIP provider on the Internet. Such a VoIP service provider connection can be used to connect to an Internet telephony service provider (ITSP) that offers digital telecommunications services based on VoIP.
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ISDN phone line
If you have an ISDN modem and an ISDN card, we highly recommend you to use this extension, because with this, you can communicate by making and receiving calls. Install a CAPI compatible ISDN device to connect Ozeki Phone System to ISDN BRI/E1/T1/J1 services. ISDN phone lines give you excellent call quality, fast call setup and up to 30 simultaneous calls per line.
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PSTN device
In order for you to be able to connect a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to a VoIP network, like Ozeki Phone System, some kind of a PSTN device, for instance ATA, is necessary. If you wish to make such a connection, you should add this outside line in Ozeki Phone System. This way, you will be able to use youranalog network with Ozeki Phone System.
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Web & Mobile

Email provider
Add your SMTP server settings to get notifications via email about missed calls, password reminders and about other useful informations. When the settings are added, you can test it for safety sake before saving. If all settings are correct you will get the notifications to your given email address.
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SMS modem
This option allows you to use a mobile phone or wireless modem connected to the PC with a phone-to-PC data cable to send and receive SMS messages. The mobile phone or modem contains a SIM card, which you can buy from any GSM service provider.
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SMPP connection
Use this SMPP connection to connect Ozeki Phone System to a cloud SMS service provider. You may also setup your Android Mobile to provide SMS service with the Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway App
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Add click to call, chat, voice and video call functionality to your website to enable your website visitors to contact your directly. All you have to do is setup this connection and copy a small javascript code into your websites.
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Standard Extensions

SIP extension
A SIP extension is a set of SIP registration data (username, ...) that can be assigned to a (VoIP end point) IP telephone (physical telephone set, softphone etc.). It is used in the PBX for the authentication of the assigned end point.
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Call queue
Call queue is a group of extensions (agents) which can be called, and if all the agents are busy, the call is added to a queue until an agent will be free.
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Ring group
Ring group is a group of extensions which can be called at once with different calling strategies by calling a single number.
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Webphone extension
Create a HTML5/Javascript webphone extension. It allows you to make phone calls directly from a webbrowser. The HTML user interface and the functionality can be customized according to your needs. With it, your employees can log into the company network through a website and make calls not only towards the phone numbers of the inner network but also to outside numbers. In the latter case, they will be able to make business calls from the budget of the company.
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SMS extension
Use this extension to connect SMPP SMS clients to Ozeki Phone System. This extension allows you to send and receive SMS messages. It also handles SMS submission reports and SMS delivery reports.
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IVR extension
Using this extension, you can create an IVR. The IVR can be used to control incoming calls. You can do so with the help of our own XML language, OzML (Ozeki XML), which uses predefined command. When the IVR extension receives a call, the given OzML will be executed which operates on the actual call. During this call, the caller can navigate through the various menus you previously designed with OzML.
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API extension
This extension can be used to accept a client connecting through the Ozeki Phone System API. Using the API, you can build call assistants, call center clients, IVRs or any custom Voice or Messaging application. If you wish to make and receive calls with the APIs of Ozeki Phone System, using this extension is necessary.
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PBX Services

Dialer extension
The dialer extension can be used to setup automated call campaigns by using pre-recorded resources (text-to-speech, sound files) or by routing the created calls to live agents. The dialer extension can also be configured to use OzML which lets you capture user input to create a more advanced and interactive call campaign.
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SQL SMS is for sending and receiving bulk SMS. Insert the messages into the outbox table to send, and check the contents of the inbox table to receive SMSs. When you send SMS messages this way, Ozeki Phone System will update the outbox table to store the delivery state, and the delivery time, after the messages were sent.
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This extension can be used when you are not available but you wish to enable the ones trying to contact you to leave messages for you. Users can listen to the messages they received while they were busy, using Voicemail.
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Insert a list of telephone numbers and an OZML script into your database to make calls automatically. To process incoming call the PBX will execute an SQL select to find the apprpriate OZML script, it will serve the call and store the results.
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Conference room
The extension of the Conference room can be called by anyone who wishes to join the conference call. This way several callers can be connected.
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Echo / sound test
The echo/sound test is an Ozeki Phone System extension capable of showing whether the phone connected to the PBX is working or not. It can also show you if the PBX is working.
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