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Ozeki Phone System provides a wide range of call managing options for making your communication system more flexible and reliable. In the following articles you can read about the most preferred call managing solutions such as call queue, ring group, conference room or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and you can study step-by-step how to install them in Ozeki Phone System.

How to add a call queue to Ozeki Phone System
If too many customers calling, put them in a queue and entertain the callers by playing music while they are waiting. Applying this feature, missed calls can be avoided that can significantly increase your ROI. This guide describes how to install a call queue extension and manage incoming calls effectively.
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How to add a ring group to Ozeki Phone System
Creating ring groups is the best way to get your phone answered as fast as possible. After calling a ring group, all of the phones will ring in the group. Depending on which one is the most convenient for you, ring group extensions can ring simultaneously, in a specified order or randomized.
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How to add a conference room to Ozeki Phone System
Ozeki Phone System can be used to host conference calls. Anybody can join to the conference who knows the telephone number of the conference room and calls it. This guide explains how to add a new conference room and demonstrates a test call for better understanding.
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How to add an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) extension to Ozeki Phone System
The IVR can be used to control incoming calls. Such control is possible with the help of our own XML language, OzML (Ozeki XML). When the IVR extension receives a call, the given OzML will be executed. During this call, the caller can navigate through the various menus you previously designed with OzML.
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