Connect your smartphone to the
Ozeki Phone System

The Ozeki Phone System makes it possible to connect your smartphone to your PBX. For this purpose, you only need to install a SIP client on your phone and setup a SIP account. The articles below are intended to be detailed step-by-step guides in order to facilitate the installation and configuration processes.

For using your smartphone as a mobile extension, an application is required that supports SIP protocol. The following guides have been written through the example of the most widespread and reliable applications. Select the proper platform and study how you can integrate a portable mobile extension into your communication system.

How to connect your iPhone Mobile to the Ozeki Phone System

Turn your Apple mobile device into a professional mobile extension by using CounterPath Bria. This step-by-step guide demonstrates what you should do in order to use your iPhone or iPad as a full-featured extension of your PBX communication system.

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How to connect your Android Mobile to the Ozeki Phone System

One of the most reliable Android SIP clients is CSipSimple that can be perfectly used to make your Android-based smartphone a portable mobile extension. Just follow the instructions listed in this article and configure a seamless connection within a few minutes.

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windows phone
How to connect your Windows Phone 8 to the Ozeki Phone System

As many SIP client applications are available for Windows Phone 8 users, this kind of smartphones can be also used with Ozeki Phone System. This article is intended to be a comprehensive setup guide through the example of AdoreSoftphone for getting started easily and quickly.

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