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Ozeki Phone System

How to connect Telephone Networks
to Ozeki Phone System

Connecting an existing telephone network (PSTN, ISDN or other VoIP network) to your Ozeki Phone System is a good way to easily reach a group of phones, instead of registering them individually. The following articles demonstrate what you need to do in order to setup a reliable PSTN, ISDN or VoIP connection in Ozeki Phone System.

A telephone network is addressed using a prefix. When dialing first you need to dial the prefix then the phone number in the network. Depending on the device providing the connection, several calls can be made simultaneously between the network and the corporate phone system. In the upcoming topics how to connect analog, ISDN or VoIP networks to Ozeki Phone System.

  1. How to connect a VoIP network to Ozeki Phone System

    By setting up a VoIP Service Provider connection you can make outbound calls over the Internet. It enables high-quality phone calls and ensures lower costs of international and long distance calls. This article provides detailed information about the whole installation process.

    Proceed to VoIP network setup guide

  2. How to connect an ISDN network to Ozeki Phone System

    ISDN line is capable to transfer multiple phone calls simultaneously in the form of digital signals and only an ISDN modem or an ISDN card is needed for using it. This guide describes step-by-step how can your communication system be connected to ISDN network.

    Proceed to the ISDN phone network setup guide

  3. How to connect an analog network to Ozeki Phone System

    Analog network (or Public Switched Telephone Network) connects PSTN devices together that only handle analog signals. For connecting your PBX to the analog network an ATA device is essentially needed in order to translate analog signals to digital. Learn more about the installation and configuration.

    Proceed to the analog phone network setup guide

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