How to setup an SMPP IP SMS connection
with the Ozeki Phone System

If you would like to send a few hundred SMS messages per second or want to be able to modify the phone number of the sender, even modifying it to your company’s name, then an SMPP service is your best option. You only need to sign an agreement with an SMPP provider and connect the provider with the Ozeki Phone System XE. Then you can send and receive SMS messages with the PBX. This guide will focus on how to connect the Ozeki Phone System to an SMPP server.

Let's learn how an SMPP workflow works. First the message is sent through the internet from the Ozeki Phone System to the SMPP server then the SMPP server sends it to one of the global GSM carriers which sends it out to the target number in the form of an SMS message.

In this guide you can read about the following:

Step 1: Login to the Ozeki Phone System

Step 2: Setting up an SMPP connection

Step 3: Setting up Dial plans

Step 4: Sending a test message

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Step 1. Login to the Ozeki Phone System

First of all, open the Ozeki Phone System, in a web browser, and login with your username and password (Figure 1).

login page
Figure 1 - Login page

Step 2. Setting up an SMPP connection

On the following screen, click on the Add button in the Outside line section (Figure 2).

home page
Figure 2 - Home page

Then click on the install button next to the SMPP connection row (Figure 3).

outside lines page
Figure 3 - Outside lines page

On the next page of installation (Figure 4), you need to give some data related to the SMPP connection.

  • Firstly, specify the Telephone number and assign a Service provider name to this connection.
  • Secondly, specify the SMPP server settings.

general settings
Figure 4 - General settings

On the Figure 5 you can see the created SMPP Connection. You can set the log level to Debug, and you can see that your connection has been created successfully. You are also able to track the information of inbound and outbound messages.

smpp menu
Figure 5 - SMPP menu

Step 3. Setting up Dial plans

Step 4. Sending a test message

You are able to track information about your test message in the SMPP Connection log:

smpp log
Figure 7 - SMPP Log

This guide can be useful for anyone who wants to connect the Ozeki Phone System XE to an SMPP server by setting up an SMPP server connection. You should never finish anything without testing first, so do not forget to make a send a test message as your last step. If you follow this guide step-by-step, you should be able to do that fast and easily.

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