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How to upgrade your Ozeki Phone System

This guide demonstrates how you can upgrade the Ozeki Phone System software manually. Upgrading refers to the process of going from an earlier version of the PBX to the latest version. Manual upgrade can be used if the automatic upgrade is not available for any reason.

Step 1. Copy your original installation

As the first step in the upgrade process, you need to copy your current installation of the Ozeki Phone System. In this way, you can make sure that all your configurations will be available after you have upgraded to the latest version. For this purpose, open the C:Program FilesOzeki directory, select the Ozeki Phone System subdirectory, then press Ctrl+C. Then press Ctrl+V in another directory in which you wish to backup your configuration (Figure 1).

backup configuration of ozeki phone system
Figure 1 - Backup configuration of Ozeki Phone System

Step 2. Uninstall your current installation

Now you need to uninstall the current installation of the Ozeki Phone System. For uninstallation, please go to the Windows Control panel. Click on Remove on the Ozeki Phone System entry in the Add/remove programs group (Figure 2).

remove ozeki phone system
Figure 2 - Remove Ozeki Phone System

Step 3. Delete the original Ozeki Phone System directory

As the next step, you need to delete the original directory of Ozeki Phone System. This way, you can ensure a clean re-installation. Ozeki Phone System is originally installed in the C:Program FilesOzeki directory. The uninstaller leaves your configuration in place by default.

delete the original ozeki phone system directory
Figure 3 - Delete the original Ozeki Phone System directory

Step 4. Install the new version

Now you can start to re-install your system. Please make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of Ozeki Phone System from the download page. Once it is downloaded, the installation wizard is launched and you can follow the steps of the standard installation process. You can find help about the installation process on the Installation steps page.

Step 5. Copy the configuration files from the backup directory

In order to use your earlier configurations, you need to copy the configuration files from the backup directory. Then simply paste them into the new installation directory of the Ozeki Phone System. Overwrite the files, if Windows prompts for it (Figure 4).

copy the backup config
Figure 4 - Copy the backup configuration

Step 6. Restart the service

Finally, it is recommended to restart the Ozeki Phone System service and/or your computer to make sure the updated configuration is loaded.

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