Connect your Database to Ozeki XE

Supported databases

The Ozeki Phone System XE can connect to any database that has an ODBC, OleDB or native driver. Select the one you use:

Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Express
Microsoft Access
Sybase (SQL Anywhere)
Amazon SimpleDB
Filemaker / Filemaker Pro

Ozeki XE enables you to

Authenticate SIP Extensions from a database
Create SIP accounts and authenticate extensions by simply keeping a database table up to date, this is a magnificiant feature if you wish to automate telephone access management in your organisation.

Log call records into a database
Keep track of your calls by storing caller ID, dialled number, time and duration, call state, etc. You may also put call recording information into the call history to make it easier to manage recorded conversations.

Send/receive SMS using database tables
Insert a message into the outbox table to send, and check the contents of the inbox table to receive SMS. When you send a message this way, Ozeki Phone System XE will update the outbox table after the SMS has been sent to let you know the delivery state.

Make/accept calls using a Database
Make an IVR, an Autodialer or an Appointment Reminder service with the OzML SQL API. When there is an incoming call an OzML script will be selected from your database and played to the caller.

Log PBX events into a database
A complete log of all extensions, outside lines and routing decisions can be saved into your database. This feature creates a lot of data, but reflects well how communication is handled in your organisation.