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Ozeki Phone System

Excellence in design

Ozeki Phone System provides fantastic performance and excellence in design. Due to its high performance, you can specify any routing rules at any difficulty level, Ozeki Phone System helps achieve your call routing goals. Below you can find the basic structure of the software explained.

Figure 1 demonstrates Ozeki Phone System structure. Due to its extraordinary flexibility and excellence in design, Ozeki Phone System handles any call routing rule.

Figure 1 - Ozeki Phone System structure

Call routing defines which extension will ring in case a given phone number is called. For this purpose, you can define various routing rules:

Single routing rules: single rules define one extension to one phone number. For example, if number 812 is called, then extension 812 will ring. It is possible to configure various extensions for a phone number. In this way, it is also possible that number 812 is called and extension 405 will ring. It depends on your configuration.

Multiple routing rules: multiple rules allow to define a wide range of routing options. With multiple routing rules you can keep callers out of hold. You can configure various options: for example, if number 812 is called but the assigned operator is busy, then extension 813 will ring (if extension 813 is also busy then the voice mail will respond the call. Voice mail is usually a virtual extension. In this case, a SIP extension is also registered for the virtual extension.) The configuration and routing options are unlimited.

It is also possible to create ringing groups. It means that your system can be configured to ring Group A when number 812 is called, and Group A includes for example extension 812, 813, 814. If one of the included extension answers the call, the other extensions of the group will stop ringing. Ringing groups can be implemented for both single and multiple routing rules.

Ozeki Maintenance and Operation Framework is the base of the multilayered Ozeki Phone System XE. This framework defines the basic operation instructions that are used in the PBX. The whole PBX functionality is based upon the control instruction set defined in this framework.

The Ozeki PBX contains a highly sophisticated System Resource Monitor unit that is responsible for the resource controlling and allocation in the system. This unit directly connects to the Call Routing Engine and is based upon the maintenance and operation framework.

The core of the Ozeki Phone System XE is the High Performance Call Routing Engine that connects the units defining the call routing rules and controlling options. This engine does the actual routing process based on the information it gains from the other units in the system.

The Inter-site Coordination Unit is responsible for the call routing coordination in the Phone System. This unit processes the call routing rules defined by the PBX administrator and controls the actual routing process.

The call routing in the Ozeki PBX is based upon the routing rules defined in the system. These rules are set in the Call Control and Session Control Rules unit by the PBX administrator.

The Accessibility & Control Providers are the interface between the communication end points and the Call Routing Engine. These providers are the entry points for the softphones, physical telephone sets and other communication applications and devices towards the PBX.

The Connection End Points are the actual communication devices and applications that can be connected to the Ozeki Phone System. These can be softphones, physical telephone equipments, webphones, mobile applications, Fax machines etc.

The Information Acquisition and Command System is the top layer of the business logic layer in the Ozeki PBX. This set of commands can be used from the User Interface and through the HTTP and SQL APIs that are also part of the Ozeki Phone System XE for Windows.