Ozeki Phone System 10

Ozeki Phone System Installation Guide

Welcome to the Ozeki Phone System installation guide. This guide provides instructions to help you manually install and configure Ozeki Phone System software. The links below list the documents available to assist with the installation.

Ozeki Phone System is well known for its ease of installation. Installation of Ozeki Phone System is a very simple process and takes less than five minutes to complete. Ozeki Phone System can be obtained by clicking the download link on the download page. Before starting the installation, you can check the system requirements.

Please follow these links to detailed installation guides:

phone system xe installation guide

  1. Basic installation steps

    For using Ozeki Phone System, install it on your PC then add extensions, outside lines.
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  2. Connect telephones to Ozeki Phone System

    Connect and use both of conventional analog phones and IP telephones to your PBX.
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  3. Connect Telephone Networks to Ozeki XE

    If you have a VoIP, PSTN or ISDN service provider connection, connect it to your PBX.
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  4. How to setup SMS messaging in Ozeki XE

    Send/receive SMS by connecting to a SMPP server, a GSM modem or an Android gateway.
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  5. How to connect websites and telephones

    Make real-time conversation with the website visitors using a chat console or a webphone.
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  6. Connect your smartphone to Ozeki XE

    Use your Apple/Android/Windows Phone as a mobile extension with an app supporting SIP.
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  7. Discover call managing options

    Make your PBX more flexible using such options as call queue, ring group, conference call.
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  8. How to setup the key PBX features

    Get to know how to setup call routing, call recording and how to use the voicemail service.
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  9. How to setup Call routing

    Transfer calls from a device to another within your local network or to/from an external one.
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  10. Connect other PBXs to Ozeki Phone System

    Connect your old PBX to Ozeki XE and keep your extensions, dial plans, outside lines, etc.
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