How to unmask Caller ID

If you have had enough of private calls and really want to find out who is calling you, choose our telephone system, Ozeki Phone System XE. There is a graphical user interface (GUI) of the system and there you can configure settings on your phones. It can help you to unfold the identity of an unknown caller for your comfort.

In the picture (Figure 1) you can see that if there is an incoming call with a masked caller ID , it goes through Ozeki Phone System XE to reveal it. If the call was made to the #1002 extension and there is no answer, the call is forwarded to the #1003 extension where the caller ID will be revealed as well, due to the settings in Ozeki Phone System XE.

Figure 1 - How to unmask Caller ID with Ozeki Phone System XE

Ways to Unmask a Caller ID

  1. If you own a company and there are incoming calls to you all the time, Ozeki Phone System XE is the solution for your situation. You can configure in the settings of Ozeki Phone System XE to unmask or unblock the caller ID of an incoming call. If someone calls you, that call is transferred to the server of Ozeki Phone System XE where the phone system reveals the caller ID and sends the details to you in an e-mail message. After this you will always know who is calling and you can feel more comfortable.

  2. You can choose TrapCall to reveal the caller ID in the case of a private call. If you reject or miss the incoming call, that call is forwarded to a toll free number of the service, reveals the ID and displays it on your phone.
  3. Another choice is a web page where you can investigate yourself who called you. Usually, you only need to enter your own phone number to find out who was the last unknown caller.

Ozeki Phone System XE is an enhanced telephone system, an IP PBX, that can offer modern technology to manage your business. Our IP PBX provides much more than old kind of telephone systems, including web and mobile phoning, SMS message sending to any service provider's network. As you can see, Ozeki Phone System XE is a multifunctional telephone system that can further increase your convenience by revealing private numbers.

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