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SendDTMF command

The SendDTMF command is used to send a DTMF message to a chosen participant of the conversation. The target can be the caller, the callee or all participants. This can be useful in case of IVR systems.


Parameter name Value Description Mandatory
CallId string value,
e.g. H2Wwb
The call ID of the call you want to run the SendDTMF command on. By default it is known from the CallChanged notification. No
Party string value
(caller, callee or all)
The destination party to send DTMF signals to. Yes
Keys string value,
e.g. 01234#
They keys in the DTMF signal. Yes

OzML simple example:

For the caller 0 1 2 3 4 # keys are sent in DTMF.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<SendDTMF Party="caller" Keys="01234#"><SendDTMF>

Detailed example:

1st the speach engine says to the caller: "You will get dtmf keys 123." For the caller 1 2 3 keys are sent in DTMF. Then it says to the callee: "You will get dtmf keys 321." Finally it sends 3 2 1 DTMF keys to the callee.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Speak Party="caller">You will get dtmf keys 123.</Speak>
<SendDTMF Party="caller" Keys="123"><SendDTMF>
<Speak Party="callee">You will get dtmf keys 321.</Speak>
<SendDTMF Party="callee" Keys="321"><SendDTMF>

SendDTMF command is used in OzML responses to this notification:
CallChanged, RecordCompleted

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