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Ozeki Phone System

Speak command

The Speak command converts the given text to speech and plays it to the caller, callee or all.

Command example usage:

It is used to speak during a conversation for example if one of the parties are low in telephone credits it could say: "You have 1 dollar left in your phone account. Please recharge it as soon as possible!


Parameter name Value Description Mandatory
CallId string value,
e.g. H2Wwb
The call ID of the call you want to run the Speak command on. By default it is known from the CallChanged notification. No
Text string value,
e.g. hello world
The text you want to convert to speach. The parameter can be provided between the command nodes. Yes
Party string value
(caller, callee or all)
The destination party to send the speach to. Yes
Language string value,
short code format of the languages
e.g.: "en-UK"
Select the language of the read text from the installed text-to-speech packages. No

OzML simple example:

The speak engine says to all participants: "We are recording the conversation."

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <Speak Party="all">We are recording the conversation.</Speak>

Detailed example:

First it plays hello.wav from ContentStorage/Static directory in Ozeki Phone System install directory to all participants of the phone call.

Then says to two text with different Text to speech engine (english, portuguese). Of course these engines have to be installed on your server. Learn more!

Then says to all participants: "The callee will be transfered to number 1001." Then it transfers the callee to 1001.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <Play Party="all">hello.wav</Play>
  <Speak Language="en-UK" Party="all">
      Hello, this text will be read out in English language.
  <Speak Language="pt-BR" Party="all">
      Olá, este texto será lido em Português.
  <Speak Party="all">The callee will be transfered to number 1001.</Speak>
  <BlindTransfer TransferorParty="callee" Target="1001"></BlindTransfer>

The following table shows the languages are supported by Ozeki Phone System. All these languages can be used for text to speech.

Language Code Language Code Language Code
1. Catalan (Spain) ca-ES 10. Danish (Denmark) da-DK 19. German (Germany) de-DE
2. English (Australia) en-AU 11. English (Canada) en-CA 20. English (United Kingdom) en-GB
3. English (India) en-IN 12. English (United States) en-US 21. Spanish (Spain) es-ES
4. Spanish (Mexico) es-MX 13. Finnish (Finland) fi-FI 22. French (Canada) fr-CA
5. French (France) fr-FR 14. Italian (Italy) it-IT 23. Japanese (Japan) ja-JP
6. Korean (Korea) ko-KR 15. Norwegian (Norway) nb-NO 24. Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL
7. Polish (Poland) pl-PL 16. Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR 25. Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT
8. Russian (Russia) ru-RU 17. Swedish (Sweden) sv-SE 26. Chinese (S) zh-CN
9. Chinese (Hong Kong) zh-HK 18. Chinese (T) zh-TW
Table 1 - Supported Languages

Speak command is used in OzML responses to this notification:
CallChanged, RecordCompleted

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