OzML Appointment Reminder

This guide explains how to setup an Appointment Reminder in your PBX using an OzML script. Study the following OzML script that enables to get an automated call/SMS/e-mail on your phone if you have a meeting. The other participant will also be notified about your confirmation/rejection.

How to select the Text to speech language

1. Create the Appointment reminder script in OzML

    <UserInput Timeout="5" Repeat="true">
            <Speak>Hello, you have a new appointment in London Hotel at 2 PM</Speak>
            <Speak>If you go to the appointment please press 1.</Speak>
            <Input Key="1">
                	You have confirmed the participation. Your appointment will be 
                	in London Hotel at 2 PM. A confirmation message has been sent 
                	to the other participants in SMS and e-mail.
                <SendSms Recipient="+443655184651">
                	X.Y. have confirmed to go to the appointment.
                <SendEmail Recipient="info@yourcompany.com">
                	X.Y. have confirmed to go to the appointment.

This speaks the 2 sentences between the nodes repeatedly (Repeat="true") with a 5 second delay (Timeout=”5”) and scans the pressed numbers at the same time.

By pressing 1 you will hear 3 sentences that you have confirmed the participation and an SMS will be sent to 443655184651 containing: "X.Y. have confirmed to go to the appointment". You can send an sms by using the command Ozeki Phone System OzML language <SendSms> command. In this example, we set Recipient which is the destination phone number and we added the text message. Very similar to that the <SenEmail> command. We added the destination address of the e-mail and the e-mail text to send. So you have confirmed to go to the appointment with sending an SMS and an e-mail to the other participants.

You can find more command descriptions and more things to know about the OzML language on our OzML reference book page.

2. Host the script

Option 1: Use your database

Insert the OZML script into a database table, along with a phone number and a time to call. Ozeki Phone System will pick up the script and execute it at the right time. Learn more...

use your database
Figure 1 - Use your database

Option 2: Use your webserver

With OzML HTTP you have possibility to create calls automatically with sending requests to Ozeki Phone System. To do that, you can make a simple application, that will handle your appointments, and send the requests. Learn more...

use your webserver
Figure 1 - Use your webserver

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