unhold() method

If a Session object is created, this method can be run on it by a third participant. It is used to put a session back from HOLD state to IN_CALL state. It reverses the effect of the hold() method. It can only be used if the connected webclient has the required privilege.

Method usage example

You can register to the onSessionCreated event. If a session is created, the sessionCreated function is called that will hold the sessions everytime.
After this you can wait for 1 minute to pass and unhold the call (Code example 1).

//registers to the onSessionCreated event

function sessionCreated(session)  {  
	session.hold(); //hold all created sessions
	setTimeout('session.unhold()', 60000);  // unhold the session after 1 minute
Code example 1 - unhold() method example

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