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sendDtmf(key, phoneNumber) method

If a Session object is created, this method can be run on it by a third participant. It sends a DTMF signal to one of the call parties. It can only be used if the connected webclient has the required privilege.


key: It is a mandatory string parameter. This DTMF key will be sent.
The DTMF signal e.g. 0, 1, 2,..., 9, *, #..

phoneNumber: It is a mandatory string parameter. The call party is the one that will receive the DTMF signal. It must be either the caller ID or the callee ID.

Possible Exceptions:
An exception will be thrown if the transferor is not the caller ID or the callee ID, or if the key was not specified.

Method usage example

You can register to the onSessionCreated event. If a session is created, the sessionCreated function is called that will send a '#' DTMF to the Callee and send '0' to the Caller after 30 seconds. (Code example 1).

//registers to the onSessionCreated event

function sessionCreated(session)  {  
	// sends # DTMF after 30 seconds
	setTimeout('session.sendDtmf("#", session.callee)', 30000);  
	// sends 0 DTMF after 30 seconds
	setTimeout('session.sendDtmf("0", session.caller)', 30000);  
Code example 1 - sendDtmf(key, phoneNumber) method example

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