getActiveCallsOfUser(userId) method

Retrieves the active calls of the specified user. It can only be used after the webclient successfully connected.


userId: It is a mandatory string parameter. It is the ID of the user, which is present in the Ozeki Phone System.


session: Type: Session. An object containing Session class instances.

Method usage example

In this example we subscribe to the onSessionCreated event. When it fires, the sessionCreated function is called, which gets the session as a parameter. We get all active sessions of the specified user, then iterate through them and hangup one by one. (Code example 1).


function sessionCreated(session){
	var sessions = OzWebClient.helper.getActiveCallsOfUser('admin')

	for(var i in sessions) {
Code example 1 - getActiveCallsOfUser(userId) method example

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