getOutsideLines() method

Retrieves the outside lines configured in Ozeki Phone System. It can only be used after the webclient successfully connected.


outsideLines: Type: {string,Extension}. An object containing the retrieved outside lines.

Method usage example

In this example we subscribe to the onConnectionStateChanged event. When it fires, the connectionStateChanged function is called, which gets the current status as a parameter. If this status is "ACCESS_GRANTED", we get all outside lines in the Ozeki Phone System and list the ID of the Enabled ones. (Code example 1).


function connectionStateChanged(status)
    if(status.State == ConnectionState.ACCESS_GRANTED)
		var outsideLines = OzWebClient.helper.getOutsideLines();
		for(var i in outsideLines){
Code example 1 - getOutsideLines() method example

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