OzWebClient.onConnectionStateChanged event

This event occurs when the state of the connection changes. These are the four connection states: "ACCESS_GRANTED", "ACCESS_DENIED", "CONNECTION_FAILED", "CONNECTION_CLOSED". When the state changes, the function given as a parameter of the event will be called and that function will get the new state as an input parameter.

Callback method input parameters

connectionState: Type: object. The new state and other infos of the connection.

Event usage example

In this example we will register to the onConnectionStateChanged event and try to connect to Ozeki Phone System on localhost. The result of the connection will be shown on the console log (Code example 1).

//registers to the onConnectionStateChanged event
//connects to the Webphone1 outside line of Ozeki Phone System 
OzWebClient.connect("localhost", "Webphone1"); 

function connectionStateChanged(info) {
	//shows the current state of the connection on the console log
Code example 1 - OzWebClient.onConnectionStateChanged event example

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