OzWebClient.getCallHistory(filters) method

It initiates a call history query request to Ozeki Phone System. It can only be used if the connected webclient has the required permission. The WebClient will fire the event onCallHistoryInfoReceived once the query result is received. e.g.: var NewCall = OzWebClient.getCallHistory({Source: "ISDNProvider1"});


filters: It is an Object parameter. With the help of this parameter, you can narrow the results.
e.g. var myFilters = {Source: "ISDNProvider1"};


If the webclient is not ready yet, the method will do nothing. Elsewhere the onCallHistoryInfoReceived event will be triggered when the result is ready.

Method usage example

In this example we subscribe to the onCallHistoryInfoReceived event, and execute the getCallHistory command. When the onCallHistoryInfoReceived event is triggered, the subscribed method will be called, and writes the CallHistoryEntries to the console. With the help of the filters property we will get only those CallHistoryEntry objects that is in "InCall" state and the CallerID is "1200". (Code example 1).

var myFilters = {
    CallState: "InCall",
	CallerID: "1200"


function callHistoryInfoReceived(data){
	for (var index = 0; index < data.CallHistoryEntries.length; ++index) {
Code example 1 - OzWebClient.getCallHistory() method example

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