OzWebClient.createCall(dialedNumber, callType) method

It is used to create a call object. Its return value is a call object. If no input parameter is given, the call will be routed as the dial plan rule in Ozeki Phone System specifies it. e.g.: var NewCall = OzWebClient.createCall();


dialedNumber: It is a mandatory string parameter. It is the phone number that is called from the webclient.

callType: It is an optional CallType parameter. The type of the call. It can have three values: "TEXT", "AUDIO", "VIDEO".


Call: Type: Call. A new Call object.
If the webclient is not ready yet, the return value will be null

Possible Exceptions:
The dialedNumber can not be null.

Method usage example

In this example we make the newCall object in the call class, we set the called number and start the call (Code example 1).

var calledNumber = "1000";
var newCall = OzWebClient.createCall(calledNumber); //constructor of the call

//constructor of the video call
//var newVideoCall = OzWebClient.createCall(calledNumber, CallType.VIDEO ); 

newCall.start(); //starts the call
Code example 1 - OzWebClient.createCall(dialedNumber, callType) method example

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