OzWebClient.onIncomingCall event

This event occurs when the webclient receives an incoming call. The event calls a function and that function will get an object of the call class as an input parameter.

Callback method input parameters

call: Type: Call. The incoming call.

Event usage example

In this example we will reject all incoming calls.

First we register to the onIncomingCall event. This is to make sure your webclient knows when it gets an incoming call. If your webclient receives a call then the incoming function is called. That function will get the call as an incomingCall parameter. In the incoming function you can reject the incoming call by using a reject() method on the incomingCall object (Code example 1).

OzWebClient.onIncomingCall(incomingEvent); //registers to the onIncomingCall event

function incomingEvent(incomingCall) {
	incomingCall.reject(); //rejects the call
Code example 1 - OzWebClient.onIncomingCall event example

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