Greet Caller by Name in PHP

	$phoneBook = array(
	    "+12345671" => "John",
	    "1001" => "Kevin",
		"+12345675" => "Jack",);
	if (array_key_exists($_REQUEST['Caller'], $phoneBook)){ 
		$CallerName = $phoneBook[$_REQUEST['Caller']]; 
	} else {
		$CallerName = "Sir or Madame";
	print "<Response>";
		print "<Speak>Hello $CallerName!</Speak>";
	print "</Response>";
Code example 1 - Greeting the caller by using a phonebook


  1. When your application receives a call, you will get a Request with all of the call details.
  2. Fill an associative array with telephone numbers and names.
  3. In this associative array (phonebook) we are looking for the Caller parameter of the Request.
  4. After that, send back the response OzML to the caller.
If your application gets a call from 1001 (Caller), the caller will hear the following greeting message: “Hello Kevin”. Try it out! Add your telephone number and your name to the array and call your program. You will be greeted by your name. If the phonebook does not contain the number of the caller, it just says “Sir or Madame”.

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