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BlindTransfer command

The BlindTransfer command blind transfers the other party of the API extension call to a target number. It is also used to connect two phones together. If the connection is established, the phone which connected the phones together will leave the conversation.

Command example usage:

It is commonly used when the IVR can't answer the customer query, so the customer is transfered to the helpdesk staff. It also has a great usage when making a callback request. At a callback request the customer sends his phone number to the company. The phone rings on the company's side, a member of the support staff picks it up and he/she gets blind transfered to the customer. It is used when a line disconnects between a client and a member of the support staff. Then a CallChanged notification is sent and the client is blind transfered to another suppert staff member.


Note: CallId, TransferorParty, FinishedUrl are only considered in case of third party call control. TransferorParty is mandatory in case of third party call control.

Parameter name Value Description Mandatory
CallId string value,
e.g. H2Wwb
The call ID of the call you want to run the BlindTransfer command on. By default it is known from the CallChanged notification. No
TransferorParty string value
(caller or callee)
The party member who will make the transfer. Yes
Target int value,
e.g. 1001
The phone number you want to transfer the party member to. Yes
FinishedUrl string value,
The ID, the caller, the callee and the duration of the call are sent to this URL. No

Examples of extension control

Simple example:

The caller will be blind transferred to extension number 1001.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Detailed example:

1st this sentence is read by the speach engine: "You will be blind transfered to 1001 in 5 seconds." Then it waits for 5 seconds, then the blind transfer is initiated. If the blind transfer was unsuccessfull this is read by the speach engine: "Sorry, but blind transfer failed to extension 1001."

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <Speak>You will be blind transfered to 1001 in 5 seconds.</Speak>
    <Speak>Sorry, but blind transfer failed to extension 1001.</Speak>

BlindTransfer command is used in OzML responses to these Api Extension Control notifications:
GoTo, RecordCompleted, DtmfEntered, SMSDeliveryReport, IncomingSMS, IncomingCall, CallConnected

Examples of third party call control

Simple example:

The callee is transferred to 1001.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <BlindTransfer TransferorParty="callee" Target="1001"></BlindTransfer>

Detailed example:

At first it plays hello.wav from ContentStorage/Static directory in Ozeki Phone System install directory to all participants of the phone call.
Then says to all participants: "The callee will be transfered to number 1001."
Then it transfers the callee to 1001.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <Play Party="all">hello.wav</Play>
  <Speak Party="all">The callee will be transfered to number 1001.</Speak>
  <BlindTransfer TransferorParty="callee" Target="1001" FinishedUrl="http://domain.com/proc.php">

You can see an example solution for processing the FinishedUrl parameter below. When the BlindTransfer is completed, this php file will be called. The application will log the details of the calls into a simple file, and send back an OzML response.

	$receiveTime = date("c");
    $outString = "BlindTransfer Completed: ID = " .$_REQUEST['Id'].
                 ",Caller=" .$_REQUEST['Caller'].
                 ",Callee=" .$_REQUEST['Callee'].
                 ",Duration=" .$_REQUEST['Duration'].
    file_put_contents('BlindTransferLog.txt', $outString , FILE_APPEND);
    print "<Response>";
        print "<Speak>Thank you for your call!</Speak>";
    print "</Response>";

BlindTransfer command is used in OzML responses to these notifications:
CallChanged, RecordCompleted

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