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Developers can use our C# SMS API to send SMS from C#.Net. The C# SMS API comes with full source code

The ozeki PHP SMS gateway software can be used to send SMS from PHP and to receive SMS usig PHP on your website

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SMS service providers use our SMPP gateway solution, that offers a high performance SMPP server and SMPP client gateway with amazing routing capabilities
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GoTo command

The GoTo command requests a specified URL (or an SQL query in case of using SQL OzML) and executes the OzML commands received from the URL (or database).


Parameter name Value Description Mandatory
Url /
SQL query
string value,
- http://yourapp.com/
- select text from table where id = '1'
URL or SQL query to request for OzML content. This parameter can be provided between the command nodes. Yes

OzML simple example:

Continues OzML commands from http://yourapp.com/.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Continues OzML commands from the table database table.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <GoTo>SELECT text FROM table WHERE id = '1'</GoTo>

Detailed example:

You can put GoTo commands in an IVR to step to different menupoints.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <UserInput timeout="10" repeat="true">
      <Speak>Welcome to the Ozeki Phone System IVR.</Speak>
      <Speak>To send an SMS, press 1.</Speak>
      <Speak>To transfer the call to 101, press 2.</Speak>
      <Input key="1">
      <Input key="2">

Record command is used in OzML responses to these Api Extension Control notifications:
GoTo, RecordCompleted, DtmfEntered, SMSDeliveryReport, IncomingSMS, IncomingCall, CallConnected

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