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Delay command

The Delay command delays the next command in the response OzML with a specified time (in seconds).

Command example usage:

It is a perfect command to insert pauses between Speak commands to make the spoken text easier to understand for the client.


Parameter name Value Description Mandatory
Time int value,
e.g. 5
Time to delay other commands, expressed in seconds. This parameter can be provided between the command nodes. Yes

OzML simple example:

5 second will be delayed.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Detailed example:

1 second passes then the speak engine says: "Congratulations, this is your first OzML Response command." After this 2 second passes and the speak engine says: "Have a nice day!". In the end it hangs up the phone.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <Speak>Congratulations, this is your first OzML Response command.</Speak>
  <Speak>Have a nice day!</Speak>

Delay command is used in OzML responses to these Api Extension Control notifications:
GoTo, RecordCompleted, DtmfEntered, SMSDeliveryReport, IncomingSMS, IncomingCall, CallConnected

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