What is VoIP Server (Voice Over Internet Protocol Server)?

This page is about the VoIP server (internet-based telephone system) which can be hardware or software. Its duty is conveying voice and video data over a data network, like the Internet. This telephone system is primarily used by businesses. Get to know the definition of server and VoIP server and how it works in practice. It is also discussed what you need to be able to make a VoIP server work and why the Ozeki Phone System is a stand-alone VoIP PBX.

A server (also known as PBX) is a computer. Clients are connected to the server that serves the needs and provides services for clients. In the following picture (Figure 1) you can see a softphone and a VoIP phone initiating a call through the Ozeki Phone System. To call a VoIP phone, Internet is needed, but to call an analog phone requires a gateway and a PSTN network.

what is voip server
Figure 1 - What is VoIP Server?

The server handles data processing and answers the incoming requests from clients. It stores data and hardware resources like printers, storage devices and processors that are accessible for other computers. A server has high capacity, has a great memory and disk storage that enables servers to work fast even when there are more clients trying to connect to the server simultaneously.

The VoIP Server/PBX, (the latest type) is also known as IP PBX, is a telephone system used by different businesses. We can add different functionalities to the system: video conference, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) etc.

How it works

The VoIP PBX works in a similar way like a proxy server: Making a call from a VoIP or a softphone to a VoIP phone can be done via the Internet. Calling an ordinary or mobile phone is done via PSTN (ordinary telephone system).

By connecting to a VoIP server, you are able to configure extensions, set call forward and low-cost VoIP services, like telephoning, video-calling etc.

What you need

  • Strong Server Configuration
  • You can set your own rules regarding the phone orders for example.

  • Public Switched Telephone Network Connection
  • If you use an ordinary phone or a mobile one you will need an adapter that you have to attached to the PBX.

  • LAN
  • Installing PBX on your Local Area Network guarantees easy communication.

The Ozeki Phone System is a powerful and advanced PBX telephone system through which you can connect to a VoIP provider and have VoIP service. Ozeki Phone System has many features that you can make complete use of. Ozeki Phone System replaces your old pbx systems.

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